Ostersund 2015
IPC Ice Sledge Hockey World Championships B-Pool
15-21 March

Team Info


National Paralympic Committees (NPC) are allowed to enter a maximum of 17 athletes (15 players and two goalkeepers) unless their squad of players (including goalkeepers) includes at least one female, in which case the team may consists of a maximum of 18 athletes.

Each NPC is entitled to register up to six team officials.

An NPC may request to bring additional team officials but this will be subject to prior approval of the IPC. The NPC will be required to pay a correspondingly higher entry fee reflecting the cost of additional team officials.

Entries and registration

All athletes entered in the Championships must be licensed for the 2014-2015 winter season by the time of the final entries deadline. Athletes’ entries not meeting this criteria will be rejected by IPC Ice Sledge Hockey.

All athletes must be entered by their respective NPC or organisations authorised by the NPC and accepted by IPC Ice Sledge Hockey.

All NPCs must declare their entries within the given deadlines. No late entries are to be accepted.

Replacement entries may be accepted only due to injury or medical reason. The NPC must submit support documents to IPC Ice Sledge Hockey office for approval. The organisers must also approve if such late changes can be accommodated.

Team arrivals 13 March
International classification and training 13, 14, 15 March
Opening Ceremony 15 March
Game day 16, 17, 18 March
Day off 19 March
Game day 20, 21 March
Closing Ceremony 21 March
Team departures 22 March