Swedish-based global lifting equipment manufacturer Eleiko has a long and illustrious history in the sports of weightlifting and powerlifting. The company first signed a five-year partnership agreement with World Para Powerlifting in 2014, a deal renewed in 2019 until the end of 2024.

As an Official Partner of World Para Powerlifting, the company provides equipment to all World and regional Championships. In addition, Eleiko develops sport specific equipment and supports educational programmes from World Para Powerlifting.


Since 2019, ASICS is an Official Supplier of World Para Powerlifting.

ASICS has always believed in the positive power of sport to transform lives.  Founded to inspire young people to lead healthier lives, ASICS’ philosophy “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”, the Latin phrase meaning “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body”, remains at the heart of everything it does.  Today, as a leader in innovation within the sporting goods industry. around the world, ASICS’ vision is to make sport accessible to all so that every person can lead a healthier, happier life.  The partnership with World Para Powerlifting, is part of ASICS’ commitment to make this vision a reality. 

Para athletes’ courage and determination inspires and gives hope to people around the world.  Through its’ partnership with World Para Powerlifting, ASICS will not only provide products and services, but will also support the awareness and promotion of the Paralympic Movement.  Working together with all members, partners and athletes of the Paralympic Movement, ASICS aims to help create a truly inclusive, healthy and sustainable society.


Since 2019, Panasonic is an Official Supplier of World Para Powerlifting.

Through this partnership, Panasonic will deploy its Power Assist Suit during Para powerlifting competitions. The Suits will specifically be used to help support staff attach and remove weights from barbells. One of the Power Assist Suits includes the Powered Wear ATOUN MODEL Y. Weighing just 4.5kg, this is a wearable robot that alleviates the strain posed on the waist and back when lifting heavy objects. It does this by measuring the average motor action potential of the muscles at the time of lifting. It detects the movement of the trunk with a position sensor and reduces the load on the waist during cargo handling work by rotating the motor of the waist according to the movement intention.

Panasonic is committed to provide accessible products and services to various people including those with disabilities and the elderly and continue to support the Paralympic Movement. Promotion by the Paralympic Games enables the realisation of a more peaceful world through sport and corresponds to Panasonic's philosophy of 'A Better Life, A Better World.'