Logo of Eleiko

Eleiko is a world class equipment manufacturer, who’s mission is to “Make people stronger so they perform better in sports and in life”.

As an Official Partner and Approved Supplier of World Para Powerlifting since 2005, Eleiko equipment is used at all World and Regional Championships, and works closely to support development initiatives in the sport.

Working together with World Para Powerlifting, Eleiko is developing the future of strength, building upon their six-decade legacy and fuelled by an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, performance and safety; together, we “Raise The Bar”.

Through World Para Powerlifting, National Paralympic Committees, National Federations, clubs and other stakeholders are able to receive exclusive rates when purchasing Para powerlifting equipment. If you’re interested in receiving more details about Eleiko Para powerlifting equipment and World Para Powerlifting exclusive rates, contact

Dubai Club logo

Dubai Club for People of Determination is a premiere sport, cultural and social club based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

As a Partner of World Para Powerlifting since 2016, Dubai Club for People of Determination hosts an annual Fazza World Cup competition and supports the hosting of educational programmes for athletes, coaches, technical official and classifiers.

Working together with World Para Powerlifting, Dubai Club for People of Determination is demonstrating international leadership in serving people with disabilities and supporting equal role in sport, cultural and social fields.

New Logo updated on 09 Nov 2020

Kit Us Out is a charity organisation aimed at levelling the playing field in Para sport.

As an Official Supplier of World Para Powerlifting since 2015, Kit Us Out assists in providing athletes and coaches from developing nations their lifting suit and tracksuit so they can perform their best.

Working together with World Para Powerlifting, Kit Us Out is impacting athletes across the world and so far has benefited athletes from over 30 countries across multiple events, including the Paralympic Games.

ZKC logo

ZKC is a company with a long history in strength sports and is specialised in designing and manufacturing weightlifting and powerlifting equipment.

As an Approved supplier Tier 2 of World Para Powerlifting, ZKC will be part of our grassroots development programme providing important support to countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania in order to improve their expertise and performance in Para powerlifting. For more information, visit the ZKC webite.


Interested in Becoming a Partner or Supplier?

World Para Powerlifting is the ultimate test of strength and is one fastest growing sports in the Paralympic Movement with over 130 active countries. The federation offers tailored and unique partnership and supplier opportunities to meet the vision and goals of a prospective company, increase exposure and showcase the brand or products to a targeted audience in major countries and emerging markets throughout the world.

If you’re interested in receiving more information about becoming a World Para Powerlifting partner or supplier, contact