Athletes’ Summit and World Championships Featured in New Paralympian Release

05 Oct 2010 By IPC

The new issue of The Paralympian has just been released on the website of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), featuring a complete overview of events during the previous months, including the highly successful Athletes’ Leadership Summit this summer.

As the official magazine of the Paralympic Movement, The Paralympian covers sporting events which have taken place like the World Championships in Powerlifting, Shooting and Swimming. Exclusive photos from all three Championships, along with results are included in the “News in Sport” section.

The Live Stream produced at the 2010 IPC Swimming World Championships is detailed in the “ParalympicSport.TV – What’s New” section, as well as the Facebook page which was launched to promote the event and keep people informed on relevant information.

The magazine also profiles the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) of Malaysia, where the organization reports on its continuous goal of promoting an active, healthy lifestyle in the country. In the profile, NPC President Dato’ Zainal Abu Zarin says that the challenge for the NPC over the long term is to ensure consistency and sustainability in government policy.

“The hope is that the Paralympic Movement will capture the imagination of the present generation of youth and those in the future, by making them aware, conscious and sensitive to the rights and aspirations of athletes and persons with a disability,” President Dato’ Zainal Abu Zarin said.

In the Medical and Science section of the magazine, an overview of Anti-Doping is presented for the reader, providing knowledge on the critical subject area. Topics in the section cover the World Anti-Doping Code, the IPC Anti-Doping Code and Anti-Doping Rule Violations.

Additionally, Japanese athlete Kuniko Obinata is profiled, where she explains her commitment to bringing more organization and communication within the Paralympic Movement to her country.

The Paralympian is published three times a year, and is the official magazine of the Paralympic Movement. This release follows the format of the first issue this year, which was completely redesigned for 2010.