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    China at the Rio 2016 Paralympics

    A picture of a man powerlifter on a bench celebrating with his hands up Liu Lei of China is a triple Paralympic powerlifting champion. © • Getty Images

    ·People's Republic of China has claimed 783 medals at the Paralympic Games: G326-S258-B199.

    ·London 2012 were China's most successful Paralympic Games to date, winning 95 gold medals (S71-B65).

    ·The NPC made its debut at the Stoke Mandeville/New York 1984 Paralympic Games

    ·China is in sixth place on the Summer Games' all-time medal table.

    ·China hosted the Paralympic Games in 2008 when the event was held in Beijing.

    ·The NPC has been most successful in athletics, claiming 128 gold, 106 silver and 76 bronze medals.

    ·Swimmer Zhu Hongyan is China's most successful Paralympian in individual events: G9-S1.

    ·China is one medal shy of equalling the Federal Republic of Germany (784) in sixth place for most medals won at the Paralympic Games.

    ·People's Republic of China has bettered its medal haul at every edition of the Paralympic Games since 1992.

    ·At the London 2012 Paralympic Games China (231) bagged nearly twice as many medals as Great Britain (120), the NPC with the second-best total medal haul.

    ·Only United States of America (137 in 1984) and Great Britain (107 in 1984) won more gold medals at one edition of the Paralympic Games than China's 95 at London 2012.

    ·Xu Qing has won seven gold medals - all in swimming. He can claim a gold medal at three consecutive Paralympic Games, having won three in Beijing in 2008 and four in London in 2012.

    ·CCTV is the rights holding broadcaster in China for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. More information can be found at CCTV's website.

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    NPC China's website.

    Medal Table Paralympic Games
    Year Gold Silver Bronze Total
    Total 326 258 199 783
    2012 95 71 65 231
    2008 89 70 52 211
    2004 63 46 32 141
    2000 34 22 17 73
    1996 16 13 10 39
    1992 11 7 7 25
    1988 16 17 8 41
    1984 2 12 8 22
    London 2012 gold medallists
    Athlete Sport Gold
    Xu Qing Swimming 4
    Yang Yang Swimming 4
    Wang Yinan Swimming 3
    Yang Bozun Swimming 3
    Li Huzhao Athletics 3
    Wang Zhiming Athletics 3
    Chen Yi Yun Wheelchair Fencing 2
    Hu Doa Liang Wheelchair Fencing 2
    Yao Fang Wheelchair Fencing 2
    Ye Ru Yi Wheelchair Fencing 2
    Feng Pan Feng Table Tennis 2
    Lei Lina Table Tennis 2
    Liu Jing Table Tennis 2
    Zhang Bian Table Tennis 2
    Zhou Ying Table Tennis 2
    Du Jian Ping Swimming 2
    Pan Shiyun Swimming 2
    Xia Jiangbo Swimming 2
    Zhang Cuiping Shooting 2
    Zeng Sini Cycling 2
    Huang Lisha Athletics 2
    Liu Fuliang Athletics 2
    Liu Ping Athletics 2
    Mi Na Athletics 2
    Yang Liwan Athletics 2
    Zhang Lixin Athletics 2
    Zhou Hongzhuan Athletics 2
    Rong Jing Wheelchair Fencing 1
    Wu Baili Wheelchair Fencing 1
    Li Liping Sitting Volleyball 1
    Sheng Yuhong Sitting Volleyball 1
    Lu Hongqin Sitting Volleyball 1
    Su Limei Sitting Volleyball 1
    Tan Yanhua Sitting Volleyball 1
    Tang Xuemei Sitting Volleyball 1
    Wang Yanan Sitting Volleyball 1
    Yang Yanling Sitting Volleyball 1
    Zhang Lijun Sitting Volleyball 1
    Zhang Xufei Sitting Volleyball 1
    Zheng Xiongying Sitting Volleyball 1
    Cao Ningning Table Tennis 1
    Fan Lei Table Tennis 1
    Ge Yang Table Tennis 1
    Gu Gai Table Tennis 1
    Guo Xing Yuan Table Tennis 1
    Li Qian Table Tennis 1
    Lian Hao Table Tennis 1
    Liu Mei Li Table Tennis 1
    Ma Lin Table Tennis 1
    Mao Jingdian Table Tennis 1
    Yang Qian Table Tennis 1
    Zhang Miao Table Tennis 1
    Zhang Yan Table Tennis 1
    Zhao Ping Table Tennis 1
    Zhao Shuai Table Tennis 1
    Feng Yazhu Swimming 1
    Lin Furong Swimming 1
    Lin Ping Swimming 1
    Liu Ruijin Swimming 1
    Liu Xiaobing Swimming 1
    Lu Dong Swimming 1
    Song Maodang Swimming 1
    Wang Jia Chao Swimming 1
    Wei Yanpeng Swimming 1
    Zheng Tao Shooting 1
    Dong Chao Swimming 1
    Li Jianfei Shooting 1
    Fei Tianming Rowing 1
    Huang Cheng Rowing 1
    Lou Xiaoxian Rowing 1
    Feng Qi Powerlifting 1
    Fu Taoying Powerlifting 1
    Liu Lei Powerlifting 1
    Yuan Yan Ping Judo 1
    He Yin Cycling 1
    Ji Xiaofei Cycling 1
    Li Zhangyu Cycling 1
    Liang Guihua Cycling 1
    Liu Xinyang Cycling 1
    Xie Hao Cycling 1
    Chen Junfei Athletics 1
    Fu Yanlong Athletics 1
    Gao Mingjie Athletics 1
    Liu Chengming Athletics 1
    Liu Ming Athletics 1
    Liu Ming Athletics 1
    Liu Wenjun Athletics 1
    Liu Yang Athletics 1
    Wang Yanzhang Athletics 1
    Wu Qing Athletics 1
    Xia Dong Athletics 1
    Xue Lei Athletics 1
    Yao Juan Athletics 1
    Zhang Liang Min Athletics 1
    Zhao Xu Athletics 1
    Zhou Guohua Athletics 1
    Zhu Pengkai Athletics 1
    Yan Huilian Athletics 1
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