Paralympic Games
24 August - 5 September 2021

Tokyo 2020 - Guides and Policies - Heat



The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games threatens to be one of the most challenging environments for competition from the heat and humidity perspective. There can be an adverse effect on performance and health for athletes living and competing in a hot environment. Athletes with certain impairments have additional risk factors too but everyone needs to take steps to prepare for the heat and humidity and to reduce its adverse effects.  

The IPC Medical Committee facilitated the support from some leading experts who have prepared detailed but simple advice sheets to help you. It is important  to acclimate before travel and decide upon your individual strategy and purchase any equipment needed in advance.

Below you will find four helpful Athlete Guides:

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Prepare and acclimatise for heat at Tokyo 2020.


Being heat illness aware, and recognise the signs and symptoms.


Staying hydrated at the Games.


Keeping cool while living and competing in the heat.