Tokyo 2020
Paralympic Games
24 August - 5 September 2021


Written press and photographers

Each National Paralympic Committee (NPC) is responsible for its own country's press accreditation. The process started in 2019 and will be finalised in May 2020 according with the timeline below.

Tokyo 2020 will contact each NPC individually regarding each phase. Please find information about each NPC here.

Accredited photographers must sign an undertaking in order to collect their photo vests that will provide them access, with the press accreditation, to the photo positions in each venue. This process will happen at Tokyo 2020 Main Press Centre during Games time.

For reference, we will publish the Photographer’s Undertaking in this page on April 2020.

Non rights-holding TV and radio broadcasters

Non rights-holding TV and radio broadcasters (ENR) organisations applied directly to the IPC. The deadline to request ENR accreditation was 12 July 2019.

Successful ENRs applicants will have to abide by the Radio and Television News Access Rules.

They will be required to sign an agreement related to these Rules ahead of the Games in order to have their accreditation granted.

The News Access Rules apply to radio and television broadcasting by non-rights holding broadcast organisations (ENRs).

News Access Rules are designed to protect the exclusivity of broadcasters which have paid for rights, while permitting fair access for ENRs to broadcast news highlights for news purposes.

The News Access Rules clearly outline the rules that apply to coverage by ENR organisations, as well as venue access rules and restrictions within the host city and country.

The News Access Rules for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will be published in this page on April.

If you have any questions, please contact

Radio and TV rights-holding broadcasters please contact

Media documents:

Capture and Use of Images for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

Information Notice on the Processing of Personal Data of Participants and Other Accredited Persons for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

Key dates – Paralympic Games Press Accreditation
Date Activity
10 May to 26 Jul 2019 Press by Number phase for National Paralympic Committees (NPCs)
10 May to 12 Jul 2019 ENR and other international news organisations Press by Number phase
2 Mar 2020 Press by Name manual and materials sent to NPCs and the IPC
15 May 2020 Deadline for Press by Name (Note that NPCs and the IPC may set earlier deadline to allow processing and submission to Tokyo 2020)


Paralympic Games press accreditation categories
Category Description
E - JOURNALIST This includes the following roles; Journalist, editor, photographic editor, employed or contracted by an international or national news agency, a general daily newspaper, a sports newspaper, magazine or internet site, a digital journalist, or independent or freelance journalist under contract.
EP - PHOTOGRAPHER Photographer meeting the same criteria as defined for category "E".
ET - TECHNICIAN Accreditations in this category are limited to technical support personnel of major news agencies, organisations and/or photo agencies only.
ENR - BROADCASTER Member of a non-rights holding radio and/or television organisation.
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