Men's 100 m Backstroke S12 Final | Mexico City 2017 World Para Swimming Championships

Gold: Charalampos TAIGANIDIS (Greece)
Silver: Tucker DUPREE (United States of America)
Bronze: Thomaz ROCHA MATERA (Brazil)

Start list: Mar GUNNARSSON(Iceland)
Thomaz ROCHA MATERA (Brazil)
Franco SMIT (South Africa )
Tucker DUPREE (United States of America)
Charalampos TAIGANIDIS (Greece)
Belarus Maksim VASHKEVICH (Belarus)
Anuar AKHMETOV (Kazakhstan)
Andrey AFANASYEV (Kazakhstan)

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The 2017 Para Sport Festival will feature both the World Para Swimming Championships and World Para Powerlifting Championships.

Two of the biggest Para sport competitions will be held together for the first time in history in Mexico City from 2-8 December.

The competition has been rescheduled from 30 September - 7 October following the devastating earthquake that hit Mexico City on 19 September.

Around 1,200 athletes, officials and staff from 89 countries plus the Independent Paralympic Athletes’ Team will compete across both sports.

The Francisco Marquez Olympic Swimming Pool will stage the swimming competition.