Marathon World Championships 2015

Men's wheelchair racers cross Tower Bridge in the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon

Men's wheelchair racers cross the Tower Bridge in the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon

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Men's wheelchair racers cross the Tower Bridge in the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon © • Getty Images

IPC Athletics will host the 2015 IPC Athletics Marathon World Championships in association with the Virgin Money London Marathon on the 26 April 2015 in London, Great Britain.

The events of the 2015 IPC Athletics Marathon World Championships will be listed at the end of this page.

Athlete Eligibility

To be eligible for entry, an athlete must:

• hold an active IPC Athletics License for the 2015 season;

• have achieved at least MQS performance at an IPC Athletics Recognised Competition (IPC Competition, IPC Sanctioned Competition, or IPC Athletics Approved Competition) for their respective event between 1 January 2014 and 09 February 2015 in accordance with the Athlete Licensing Programme Policies valid for the 2014-2015 seasons; or

• have been allocated a Direct Invitation

Athletes with International “New”, “Review” and “Confirmed” sport class status are allowed to enter.


NPCs may enter a maximum of two (2) Guide-runners per athlete for athletes in Sports Classes T11-12. All Guide-runners must hold an active IPC Athletics License for the 2015 season.

Maximum Entry per NPC

NPCs may enter a maximum of six (6) eligible athletes in each marathon event provided each athlete has achieved MQS performance in that event.

Direct Invitation

IPC Athletics reserves the right to directly invite athletes under the following criteria:

• to enable the greater representation by nation or region;

• to ensure medal events will have sufficient representation for viability;

• to enable greater representation by gender;

• to ensure the representation of athletes with a severe disability;

• to ensure top athletes that may have not had the opportunity to formally qualify due to extraordinary circumstances.

To be considered for a direct invite slot, an athlete must hold an IPC Athletics Athlete License for the 2015 season.

Event Viability Criteria

A minimum of five (5) athlete entries from three (3) NPCs is necessary to sustain a World Championships Status.

IPC Athletics shall review the event viability following the close of the final entry on 09 February 2015. In the case an event did not meet the above viability criteria by the final entry based on the Classification Hierarchy Table (Rule 9), IPC Athletics reserve the right to combine such event with other event(s) where appropriate and applicable. IPC Athletics also reserve the right to cancel such events or run them as non-medal events.

In the case the entry number of an event dropped below the aforementioned event viability criteria due to withdrawals after 09 February 2015, the event shall still be run as a Medal Event and the medals will be allocated under the ‘minus one’ rule.

Qualification Timeline

1 January 2014: Start of the qualification period for athletes to achieve MQS performances.

15 November 2014: IPC Athletics open the online entry system.

1 February 2015: Deadline for NPCs to request in writing for a Direct Invitation slot or additional athlete entries to IPC Athletics.

9 February 2015: End of the period for athletes to achieve MQS performances to be eligible to compete.

9 February 2015: Deadline for IPC Athletics to receive Final Entry by Name from NPCs and the team delegation size via the online entry system.

10 February 2015: Direct Invitation slots allocated to NPCs.

Start lists

Start lists are available at the Virgin Marathon Website.


Classification will take place on the 25 April 2015. All athletes with a new or review classification status (except those with a fixed review date later than 2015) will be required to undergo classification.

Competition Fee

The competition fee for the 2015 IPC Athletics Marathon World Championships will be €100 per delegation member including but not limited to athletes, coaches, team medical staff, team officials, guide-runners etc.

The competition fee is payable upon invoice and competition fees must be received by IPC Athletics no later than 09 February 2015. Following the close of final entry on 09 February 2015, no reimbursement of competition fees for any team members withdrawn shall be permitted, with the following exception:

• An Athlete loses all his entered event(s) due to cancellation of the non-viable event(s).

The competition fee will not cover accommodation and breakfast. Your NPC must contact the Local Organizing Committee (LOC)/accommodation partner for the Championships to arrange our team accommodation in London. More details shall be made available soon.


Arrival: 23/24 April 2015

Classification: 25 April 2015

Marathon: 26 April 2015

Departure: 27 April 2015


Ground transport will be provided for accredited personnel from Heathrow Airport to the Official Championships Hotel and between Championships venues.

Team Officials Accreditation

Each NPC may accredit a limited number of Team Officials staying in the official hotel, according to the following matrix:

1-3 athletes - 2 team officials

4-6 athletes - 3 team officials

7-10 athletes - 4 team officials

10+ athletes - 5 team officials

Additional officials must be approved by IPC Athletics and accommodation will be subject to availability.


IPC Athletics reserve the right to amend the content of this document at its own discretion.

For further information contact Ryan Montgomery, Head of IPC Athletics, at

The 2015 IPC Athletics Marathon World Championships shall consist of the following events:

2015 IPC Athletics Marathon World Championships Events
Event Class MQS - Male MQS - Female
A T11/12 3h00min 3h10min
B T13 3h00min 3h10min
C T42/43/44 3h00min 3h10min
D T45/46 3h00min 3h10min
E T51/52 2h 30min 2h 40min
F T53/54 1h 35min 2h 00min

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