Tunisian Athletes celebrate at Lyon 2013 © • D. Echelart

8th Tunis International Meeting, Tunis, Tunisia


From 16-18 June, the National Paralympic Committee of Tunisia will organise the 2014 IPC Athletics Grand Prix 8th Tunis International Meeting, a track and field competition with an expected record turnout of many athletes coming from all over the world.


The Tunisian hosts believe they have always shown great organisational skills and aim to deliver a high level event, which since its initiation has seen an increase in the number of participants and the level of competition at the event each year:


In 2011, 322 participants 241 athletes from 17 countries

In 2012, 349 participants 236 athletes from 23 countries


The 2014 edition of the competition, the event that will be a part of the 2014 IPC Athletics Grand Prix, will be held at the Rades Athletics Stadium. Athletes will compete in distances from 100m to 5,000m on the track, and field events will consist of shot put, discus, javelin, club throw and long jump.


Classification opportunities for athletes with a physical (PI) and visual (VI) impairment will be held from 13-15 June.


Because of the location and warm climate, Tunisia is one of the prime destinations for neighbouring countries and even those further afield.


The Tunis athletics meeting is a good opportunity for competitors to train and evaluate their technical level to reach other major sports events.