Athletics - Grand Prix Final Birmingham 2014

Jonnie Peacock winning the men's 100m T44 © • Getty Images

Download full results of the IPC Athletics Grand Prix Final here.


On Sunday, 24 August Birmingham staged the final of the IPC Athletics Grand Prix 2014.


Taking place after the 2014 IPC Athletics European Championships in Swansea, Wales, the Birmingham Para-Athletics Grand Prix Final was the ninth and final event of the IPC Athletics Grand Prix 2014.

Grand Prix (GP) Ranking

A dedicated ranking of those 20 events was established for the athletes who compete at the eight (8) 2014 IPC Athletics Grand Prix competitions.


To be eligible for the GP rankings, an athlete must:

- hold an active IPC Athlete’s license of the 2014 season;

- have achieved a performance at one of the eight (8) 2014 IPC Athletics Grand Prix Competition in accordance with the Athlete Licensing Programme Policy valid for the 2014 Season;

- have been internationally classified with a “Review” or “Confirmed” sport class status.

Guide-runners must hold an active IPC Athlete’s license of the 2014 season to be eligible to enter and compete at the final.


Direct qualification slots of each event shall be given to the top 6 ranked athletes of the Grand Prix rankings. In the event of an unused/returned slot, the slot will be distributed at IPC Athletics discretion

Two (2) additional invitational slots will be distributed at the discretion of IPC Athletics to ensure top athletes to perform at the final and achieve greater representation by nation and/or region.

Event List

Event List
No. Gender Event   Eligible Classes Raza Point
1 Male 100m T34 T34
2 Male 100m T44 T43/44
3 Male 200m T12 T11/12
4 Male 200m T42 T42
5 Male 400m T36 T36
6 Male 1500m T20 T20
7 Male 1500m T54 T53/54
8 Male Long Jump T11/12 T11/12 Yes
9 Male Shot Put F54/55 F54/55 Yes
10 Male Discus F42/44 F42/44 Yes
11 Male Javelin F41 F40/41 No
12 Female 100m T12 T11/12 No
13 Female 100m T34 T33/34 No
14 Female 100m T44 T43/44 No
15 Female 400m T38 T37/38 No
16 Female 1500m T54 T53/54 No
17 Female Long Jump F42/44 F42/43/44 Yes
18 Female Club Throw F32/51 F32/51 Yes
19 Female Javelin Throw F46 F45/46 No
20 Female Discus Throw F11/12 F11/12 Yes