Beigang 2019: Para dancers to show off World Championship form

Penultimate competition before Bonn 2019 draws top dancers 19 Sep 2019
Female standing dancer dances with male wheelchair partner
Chang Chiao Hui and Kuo Wen-Sheng will star at their home Beigang 2019 Open
ⒸIrina Galichanina
By World Para Dance Sport

A star-studded line-up featuring World Championship medallists will take over the dance floor at the Beigang 2019 Open in Chinese Taipei, starting Friday. 

As the penultimate competition before November’s 2019 World Para Dance Sport Championships in Bonn, Germany; the Beigang Open has drawn the likes of Maksim Sedakov, Hye-jeong Jang; and Rhea Marquez and Julius Obero – all names to know ahead of the looming Bonn 2019.

Earlier this month, Sedakov of Russia returned to his first World Para Dance Sport sanctioned event in three years by taking on the St. Petersburg Continental Cup. 

The 2015 world champion proved he still has winning form by capturing the men’s singles standard 2. He added the singles freestyle gold medal to his collection. 

However, this weekend’s competition will take him outside his home floor and would see how he stacks up against an international field. 

The Russian will not be alone in Chinese Taipei. His compatriot Aleksandra Berdnik will be a favourite in the women’s equivalent. 

Contrary to Sedakov, Berdnik would aim to take home victories in the couple’s dances. She will partner with Sergei Antonov in the freestyle, Latin and standard 2 disciplines. 

Among those three, the duo would appear strongest in the standard style, having been crowned the 2015 world champions back in Rome, Italy.

Rhea Marquez and Julius Obero


South Korea’s Hye-jeong Jang would be a strong contender for gold in the women’s singles 2. However, it has been a year since the 2017 World Championship silver medallist last competed at an event. 

The Philippines’ reigning world champion couple of Marquez and Obero will aim to continue amazing the judges with their combi freestyle and Latin 2 performances.

But they are also bringing a bigger delegation, with Rama Beatrice Agbagala and wheelchair partner John Orboc. 

The couple surprised at the same competition a year ago, when they won the combi freestyle 1 and took second in the Latin style. It was a debut to remember, and this weekend would be an opportunity to see if they are world championship quality.

The Beigang 2019 Para Dance Sport Open runs until Sunday, and feature 69 dancers across 11 countries. The 2019 World Championships will complete the season and take place from 29 November – 1 December.