Doha 2015: Mixed zone flashquotes from day eight

Straight from the mixed zone, here is what the athletes had to say at the IPC Athletics World Championships at the end of their event. 29 Oct 2015
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Doha 2015 IPC Athletics World Championships


Women's shot put F36

Bronze: Aida Bronskaia (RUS)

“I’m really happy to get a medal in a really tough final. I’ve worked hard for this, and a bronze medal is great.”

Women's Javelin Throw F34

Bronze: Frances Herrmann (GER):

“I am very happy with this result as I have only been training for this for 5 months, as I had a baby this year and was so out of shape after my pregnancy so had to work really hard. I think I will be in good shape in Rio as I now have time to train and focus for a year.”

Men's Club Throw F51

Gold: Zeljko Dimitrijevic (SRB):

“I feel great. I’m so glad that there is two of us from Serbia on the podium, I want to thank my coach for the great result.”

Silver: Amit Kumar (IND):

“The competition went very well because of the warm weather which really helps us. Today was my day! I finally won a medal and qualified for Rio!”

Bronze: Milos Mitic (SRB):

“I am happy, but sad at the same time. I had some technical difficulties in my throws, but a bronze is still good and I have more competitions to look forward to.”

Women's Long Jump T11

Gold: Silvania Costa De Oliveira (BRA):

“This is a really emotional moment for me right now, because I almost didn’t make it here. I had trouble with my passport leaving Brazil, and only boarded the plane on the third try. I really wanted to break the world record, but I am really happy with my gold.”

Silver: Lorena Salvatini Spoladore (BRA):

“I am very happy with the competition as I came very close to my personal best and that was a goal of mine. I really wanted to defend my world championship title but I am happy anyway.”

Bronze: Viktoria Karlsson (SWE):

“I’m really happy with the medal. The others jumped really well today and I didn’t have the best performance, but overall I am happy.”

Men's 400m T37

Gold: Andrey Vdovin (RUS):

“It was a very hard race, the hardest race for me ever. I’m extremely happy to win Gold in 800m, which means I can go to Rio as the world champion.”

Silver: Charl Du Toit (RSA):

“It was a great race. All glory to god. It was a lucky race and I had a wonderful support team which I want to thank.”

Men's 400m T38

Silver: Union Sekailwe (RSA):

“It was tough, my aim was to win the gold medal, but if someone told me I would of got silver then I would have taken it before the race. Now I will focus to get the gold medal in Rio.”

Bronze: Shaun Burrows (GBR):

“ It was a very hard race, for me the bronze medal was a great achievement, I did not expect that, I am very satisfied with my performance.”

Women's 100m T13

Gold: Ilse Hayes (RSA):

“It has been a rough two months. I had a back injury exactly two months ago. I am really grateful to run for my country. I had a good season and I will definitely be back next year for some even better results.”

Silver: Nantenin Keita (FRA):

“I’m happy! This year I worked for the 400m and put my full focus on that, which I won gold in, so to get silver in the 100m despite quite a poor race is amazing. I have two medals from Doha now, and that’s not bad is it?!”

Kym Crosby (USA):

“I feel great. Coming here and competing in Doha is like a dream come true. I know what I want, and I am working to achieve my goal, it has been an amazing experience. I am now ready for Rio and want to do as well as I can there.”

Men's 100m T35

Gold: Dmitrii Safronov (RUS):

“I am really happy, I keep progressing, and I managed to get the gold medal which was my aim all year.”

Silver: Artem Kalashian (RUS):

“I am thrilled to win the silver medal. It feels like a victory for me, and I am pleased to share the podium with my friend Dmitrii.”

Women's 100m T42 (heat):

Winner: Martina Caironi (ITA):

“I did it right in the last few meters, I nearly slowed down so when I saw I broke the world record I was so happy and surprised. Let’s see what I can do tomorrow at the final.”

Woman's Discus F12

Gold: Sofia Oksem (RUS):

“It is a great result and a gold medal which I share with my coach. I tried to go for the world record, but I got the championship record, so overall it was almost perfect.”

Men's 100m T36

Gold: Ridzuan Mohamad (MAS):

“It was a very hard race, but I knew that I can do it. I am very happy and proud of my performance and I hope I can maintain this title in Rio.”

Women's 100m T44

Gold: Marlou van Rhijn (NED):

“It’s been amazing here! I have been so looking forward to these championships, and it is a massive stepping stone to Rio 2016. I would have liked to have started faster but I had loads of power left in the last bit and I was able to use it.”

Silver: Marie-Amelie le Fur (FRA):

“I came out strong from the block and I nearly saw gold towards the end, but I knew that Marlou is really fast towards these last twenty meters so I am happy with the silver medal and to break my PB. Doha has been a totally beautiful experience.”

Bronze: Nyoshia Cain (TTO):

“I feel so good, it is my first medal in this championship, I was hoping to get the gold medal, but I am satisfied with the bronze. The most important thing for me is that I am qualified for Rio 2016.”

Women's Long Jump T12

Gold: Oksana Zubkovska (UKR):

“I feel awesome. Doha is a very nice city, I am very excited that I managed to come first in such a beautiful stadium.”

Silver: Lynda Hamri (ALG):

“This is my speciality, I was confident in myself from the start, but my rival was very strong, I did my best and I am happy with the silver medal.”

Bronze: Sara Martinez (ESP):

“I am a little disappointed with my performance, as I was hoping to jump further than I did.”

Women's 100m T35

Gold: Isis Holt (AUS):

“When I boarded that plane to Doha, winning gold medals and breaking world records was the last thing on my mind. To be here has been a fantastic experience for me, and today I got to see the results of months of hard work. It is amazing and I just can’t believe it!”

Silver: Maria Lyle (GBR):

“It was a great race and I am very pleased with the time. I am annoyed with my start as I stumbled out of the blocks, so that is something I need to work on.”

Bronze: Brianna Coop (AUS):

“It feels amazing. I never expected to beat my PB by half a second! To be winning a bronze here was unexpected as well, but I was hoping to get a medal so I am very pleased with myself.”

Women's Javelin Throw F56

Gold: Martina Willing (GER):

“I am very happy. Everything was perfect, and I think I performed very well and did my best. I will look forward to competing in Rio.”

Silver: Raissa Machado (BRA):

“I miss home so much, I can’t wait to be back in Brazil. This is my best result ever, I used to compete on the track and I love the track, but I have had the best result of my life in the field so I am very happy.”

Bronze: Daniela Todorova (BUL):

“I am not happy with that at all. I had an extensive shoulder injury earlier this year, and I still feel a lot of pain when I throw. I hope to come back to my best in Rio, but this was really bad.”

Men's 100m T44

Gold: Richard Browne (USA):

“I am really happy to break the world record again and to be world champion. I actually wanted to go faster than what I did, I thought I had a bit of a slow start. Now I am looking forward to the relay with team USA, and then it is on to Rio where I want to repeat this wonderful Doha experience. I want to get a way better time and keep improving. I would love to get an able bodied-time and will definitely look to compete against some of them to test myself, but now it’s time to celebrate!”

Silver: Arnu Fourie (RSA):

“I am happy to be standing here with a medal in my hand. Two years ago in Lyon, I was struggling to get back to form and so I am definitely happy to walk away with a silver medal and at last a sub 11 seconds.”

Bronze: Alan Oliveira (BRA):

“I couldn’t improve my season best but I am happy with the result. I hope I can do it again in Rio, and looking forward to start training already.”

Men's 200m T11

Gold: Felipe Gomes (BRA):

“I knew before the race I had the third best time among the competitors, but this is the world championships and anything can happen. What matters is who finishes first in the most important races. We did our best and we didn’t know the result until we looked on the screen and then we were so happy.”

Silver: Ananias Shikongo (NAM):

“The competition was great, I really wanted to have this race against my friend David Brown. I am very happy with my performance because I knew I wasn’t training hard, so when I do I will definitely take gold.”

Bronze: Daniel Silva (BRA):

“I pulled a muscle just before coming to Doha, this meant that I had to work even harder to get a medal. I am very happy to be on the podium with Felipe, who got first place.”

Men's 200m T12

Gold: Leinier Savon Pineda (CUB):

“I am so very happy with the result. I thought the race was supposed to be tomorrow and not today so it was a bit of a shock, but I was ready. I have qualified for Rio and I just can’t wait to get back out there and compete again.”

Silver: Jonathan Ntutu (RSA):

“The race was what you call a war of attrition! It was quite hard. I am very pleased especially with my season’s best. I am very relieved as I was in good form for the 100m, but I was disqualified which was really disappointing as I wanted to run and win this for my father, I am very happy I managed to get silver here for him in this race.”

Bronze: Fedor Trikolich (RUS):

“Really happy to be top 3. The competition was really strong, and to get the bronze feels amazing.”

Women's 200m T37

Silver: Anna Sapozhnikova (RUS):

“This is my first silver medal in the 200m at the world championships. I am 50/50 – both a bit happy but also sad, I am carrying a foot injury, and I am pretty sure that I could of won it without that injury. Now I will concentrate on the relay and then shift my focus towards Rio.”

Bronze: Johanna Benson (NAM):

“The race was very difficult, this was my third world championships, in Lyon I also came third and I decided then to defend my bronze medal, and I am very pleased to have done that.”

Women's 200m T38

Gold: Margarita Goncharova (RUS):

“I am in shock, I can’t believe it! I have won my third gold medal and I have broken the world record! I am so happy, just look at my time, I am lost for words.”

Silver: Sophie Hahn (GBR):

“Margarita is a fantastic athlete and the race was close. I thought I was going to lose it until the last 20m. I got a personal best so I am very happy with that.”

Men's 800m T54

Gold: Chengming Liu (CHN):

“I am so very happy with my performance.”

Silver: Kenny van Weeghel (NED):

“It was a fantastic race. I tried to get a good position from the start and I felt boxed in, the same as the 1500m but suddenly there was an opening and I just went for it. It’s a fantastic feeling.”

Bronze: Marcel Hug (SUI):

“I am a little disappointed with the result and the race. I obviously wanted to get the gold medal but the Chinese worked together which made it difficult and forced me to go on the outside to advance in the last stretch. A bronze medal Is ok I guess, but I will be better in Rio.”

Men's Shot Put F53

Gold: Che Jon Fernandes (GRE):

“I am very happy for the gold. We have trained very hard with my coach the past few months and now we are on our way to Rio. I really can’t believe it. I am very proud to have won the gold medal for Greece. I also want to thank my wife for her support.”

Silver: Scot Severn (USA):

“The competition was a little tougher than what I expected. Coming here after breaking my leg on Sunday, I didn’t know what to expect, so to come out with a silver medal is amazing for me.”

Bronze: Ales Kisy (CZE):

“It was a very hard competition this evening, and competing for over two hours made it very difficult for all of us. I am always looking to improve though, and hope I can achieve better results in Rio.”

Men's High Jump T47

Gold: Roderick Townsend-Roberts (USA)

“It was a fun day, but it’s been a really long season. I felt like I gave it my all on the night but it has been a hard week for me. I feel like I could of reached higher heights today, but this is my first world championships so I really can’t complain. It’s definitely a learning experience and I am looking forward to taking everything I have learnt here into Rio next year.”

Men's 800m T53

Gold: Brent Lakatos (CAN):

“We put together a tactic, we planned for this race and thankfully it paid off. I was really determined to get the gold after the silver in my last race, and knew it was all about beating the Chinese.”

Bronze: Pierre Fairbank (FRA):

“Finally I got my second medal in this championship, and it was not easy. All my team got behind me and supported me and that helped a lot. I am happy because I have won another medal for France.”

Women's 5000m T54

Bronze: Chelsea McClammer (USA):

“The race was good and fast. Before I got here I knew the Chinese team was going to be here and the Australian team – I just didn’t know that they would be so fast! I’m so so happy with my medal.”

Men's Long Jump T37

Silver: Ali Olfatnia (IRI):

“I’m not happy, I really wanted the gold medal, I was only centimetres away from winning.”

Bronze: Andrea Dalle Ave (RSA):

“I came into this competition for a medal position as I jump over 6m. I am not happy with my performances. I think there were three fouls out of my six jumps and the jump that got me into third was the one that I played safely. I will take the third and go on to the next level with one eye on Rio with the help of my coach. It was a good experience here in Doha and I am happy to be here.”

Women's Javelin Throw F37

Gold: Shirlene Coelho (BRA):

“I was expecting to break the world record, but I am happy with the result that gave me the gold medal.”

Men's 5000m T13

Gold: Guillaume Ouellet (CAN):

“I’ve had a really good year with training and competitions. I felt I was in great shape, and in the last few laps I just kept speeding up. I saw that Chentouf was slowing down each lap, but I kept focusing and thankfully I can now call myself the world champion. I can’t wait to hear the national anthem on the podium – it’s the stuff of dreams!”

Silver: Alberto Suarez Laso (ESP):

“I’m a marathon man so this medal for me is an incredible surprise. The other competitors have much more experience than me in this distance, they are very fast and very well trained, but thanks to my coach and the support of my family I did myself proud here.”

Bronze: Youssef Benibrahim (MAR):

“We stuck to our strategy and we tried to come in first place but it was a lot tougher than we expected. I am happy to be returning to my country with a medal. My team mate Chentouf did his best but we can never guarantee a result. I will continue to represent my country and hope to fly the flag in many more competitions to come.”

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