Doha 2015: Mixed zone flashquotes day one

Find out what the athletes had to say on the first day of the IPC Athletics World Championships. 22 Oct 2015
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Doha 2015 IPC Athletics World Championships

Men's discus F42

Gold: Aled Davies (GBR) - Championship record of 14.95m

“Mohammadin came out strong with an area record which was really impressive, so I knew I had to up my game. If someone had told me I would go home with a gold medal and a Championship record I would of taken that and ran, so now all my focus goes on Rio 2016

“I am happy I can bring home the gold and I hope I can do it again in the discus”

Bronze: Frank Tinnemeier (GER) - personal best 14.33m

“I’m feeling really good. The training was perfect. I had a good feeling for the completion and it was very fun”

Men's long jump T13

Gold: Per Jonsson (SWE)

“I am very happy, this means a lot to me and I am very happy with my performance.”

Silver: Ivan Jose Blanco (ESP)

“It has been a very interesting experience, I am very happy although I feel like I have a slight injury after the first jump. This result should qualify me for Rio next year so I am happy.”

Bronze: Bekjon Chevarov (UZB)

“I feel good and just happy with the experience gained in the competition, I am not sure if this qualifies me for the Paralympics but let’s see.”

Men's shot put F36

Gold: Sebastian Dietz (GER)

“It was difficult for me but I did well. I have the gold medal and I am very happy with this and to achieve this for my country and make them proud.”

Men's discus F56

Gold: Leonardo Diaz (CUB)

“I am over the moon, very happy”

Silver: Ali Mohammadyari (IRI)

“I am not satisfied with my performance, the weather was difficult but I am happy to be qualified for Rio 2016 and I hope I will have better results there.”

Bronze: Be Hau Nguyen (VIE)

“I am really happy with my performance today”

Women's 100m T37 heats

Kadeena Cox (GBR) - new world record

“I am so happy, I can’t believe I have just broken the world record. The track is very fast and this helps. It was good to have another brit in the race with me and helps motivate me to run my fastest. It is a great start for me and I am so happy and proud to do this for my country.”

Men's 1,500m T46

Gold: Samir Nouioua (ALG) - Championship record

“I am very happy to have been able to win a gold medal and to set a new championship record. I look forward to competing in Rio.”

Bronze: Michael Roeger (AUS)

“It’s been lovely here in Doha, the reception has been really great. Just got to thank the officials and Qatar for putting the event on. It didn’t quite happen for me today but I look forward to Rio.”

Women's 100m T37 Final

Gold: Kadeena Cox (GBR)

"I knew I was in good shape, I ran the world lead just before I came out here and I was pretty ill that day and I knew I had something left in there but I didn’t know it was going to be this great.

“I told my team mates that I didn’t want to be on the podium by myself so I am so glad Georgina came second.”

Silver: Georgina Hermitage (GBR)

"With Kadeena’s incredible form all I could really hope for was a silver medal. I am really pleased and enjoying running in Doha, it’s an incredible set up.”

Bronze: Anna Sapozhnikova (RUS)

“I am elated, I ended just under my personal best but I am still happy to get bronze here in such a tough race.”

Women's 100m T34

Gold: Hannah Cockroft (GBR)

"It’s amazing to win here, that was one of my easier events though, so I will celebrate once I have done the 400m and 800m. I am a little bit disappointed that I didn’t get the world record, I have been chasing it all season but I’m at the top of the podium, so I am happy!

“It’s been amazing to be here in Doha. We have filled lots of seats so it’s incredible. The advertisement here has been brilliant, I keep driving past posters with my face on it, it’s insane. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming which is great for us.”

Silver: Alexa Halko (USA)

"It feels amazing to be here in Doha with all these incredible athletes. I’m thrilled with my silver medal and I am hoping for Rio 2016.”

Amy Siemons (NED)

"I am very pleased with the bronze, I have had a very difficult season so I am very happy."

Men's 100m T53

Gold: Brent Lakatos (CAN)

“I am so happy with my performance, I didn’t come here expecting to get a fast time like that. The conditions are perfect – it was just great to be out there.”

Bronze: Pierre Fairbank (FRA)

“I am very happy with my performance, the Canadian is too strong for us. This is my first race so it is good to begin with a medal.”

Women's long jump T42

Gold: Vanessa Low (GER) (WR)

It feels amazing to be world champion! I have had a really tough season so far, but my team has pushed me hard to get me here and I am over the moon to have broken the world record.”

Silver: Martina Caironi (ITA)

“I am so very proud of my silver medal, I feel like I have broken the ice for my country by winning a medal, I was very focused but it was always going to be hard to beat Vanessa. This is a good step for me ahead of the Paralympics. I am competing next in the 100m and I am very motivated and full of energy.”

Bronze: Jana Schmidt (GER)

“I feel very good, I like Doha, I am very happy”

Men's javelin F34

Gold: Yanzhang Wang (CHN)

“This is such an excellent competition, the stadium is unbelievable and it is so great to be here in Doha. I am now the world champion and hopefully that will help my mum and girlfriend back home watching in China get some sleep tonight, they have been so nervous for me!”

Women's club throw F32

Gold: Maroua Ibrahmi (TUN)

“The competition was very hard but I am happy with my result”

Bronze: Abbie Hunnisett (GBR)

“The competition was extremely hard and I was a little bit disappointed with my performance but you have to go home, work hard, and prepare for Rio 2016.”

Women's 100m T38

Gold Sophie Hahn (GBR) - World record

“It feels amazing to be a world champion and to smash the world record. I am in shock and really didn’t know I could run this fast!

“The volunteers here in Doha are incredible, they take care of us so well and so far Qatar has been amazing for me!”

Women's 200m T53

Gold: Angie Ballard

“Winning gold here and setting a new championship record is a privilege for me, and I am so happy to be able to do this. I will keep doing what I need to do in this competition and continue my form into Rio 2016.”

Silver: Catherine Debrunner (SUI)

“I never thought that I could get 2nd place here, this is my first championship medal ever so I am so happy with myself.”

Bronze: Samantha Kinghorn (GBR)

"The competition today was great. These are my first World Championships as I have only been doing this for three years. There is a lot more to work on for me to improve, but I am happy.”

Women's 200m T54

Gold: Amanda Kotaja (FIN)

“That race was fantastic, I enjoyed every moment. I am looking forward to going to Rio to win a gold medal at a Paralympic Games for my country.”

Silver: Cheri Madsen (USA)

“It was a close battle between second and third. Me and Hannah have been going back and forth all year so it was fun. Everything about the games is wonderful, everything is so well organised and the people are so hospitable.”

Bronze: Hannah McFadden (USA)

“The competition is really tough and having two races in one day is mentally draining, it is always good to compete against team USA as it shows we have strong competitors.”

Men's discus F44

Gold: Jeremy Campbell (USA)

“I am happy with my performance, especially with how my season started. I had a lot of ups and downs so was great to end the season on a win.”

Silver: David Blair (USA)

“My performance was great, Jeremy and I both broke the championship record. We have been seeing marks like this prior to coming to this tournament so we were both training around these distances.”

Men's 200m T54

Gold: Kenny Van Weeghel (NED)

“I have been training a lot for this and I am very satisfied with my result, I am now concentrating fully on Rio in 2016.”

Men's 200m T37

Bronze: Fanie Van Der Merwe (RSA)

“I am really happy. Everything is good, I have got use to the weather here and now I am enjoying it. I am glad to get the rewards from the work I have been putting in, but now just need to work a bit harder ahead of Rio next year.”

Men's 200m T38

Silver: Dyan Buis (RSA)

“I have struggled throughout the season but today it feels like everything just came together. I am very happy with the time I got in the race so I am very grateful for this.”

Women's long jump T44

Gold: Marie-Amelie Le Fur (FRA) - World record

“I am so happy to win here. I have had really good progression this past year, and I really wanted to beat my own world record. To do it the first time I’m competing in the Middle East was a truly beautiful experience.”

Silver: Marlene Van Gansewinkel (NED)

“The win was great, the track is very good and I am feeling good in myself, I expected that I could win a medal and that I could jump 5m but to win a silver medal and to jump 5.27m was unexpected so I am very pleased.”

Bronze: Saki Takakuwa (JPN)

“I am very happy I won the bronze medal. The competition is great and I am having a very good time.”

Men's shot put F20

Gold: Todd Hodgetts (AUS)

“I feel absolutely awesome winning a gold medal here. Qatar is a real special land with a special spirit. Thankfully god was on my side tonight, and I have to thank my friends and family and all my coaches for the support. I have trained for years for these performances and tonight was a result of that.”

Silver: Dimitrios Senikidis (GRE)

“I am very happy for the silver medal, and it is the first for the Greek team. I hope we can listen to the Greek national anthem, I want to do all I can to go to Rio next year.”

Women's javelin F11

Silver: Ness Murby (CAN)

“This is an amazing experience to win silver here, and to do it in a F11 event and not a combined event means even more to me. I feel good here and the weather this evening has been perfect. I am looking forward to Rio 2016 and will continue to work hard so I can achieve my best.”

Men's high jump F42

Gold: Sam Grewe (USA)

“This was my debut in high jump at a senior level and my first time ever in the World Championships. I was hoping for 1.70m but managed 1.81m so it’s crazy and an amazing feeling! I love being in Doha it’s an amazing place with cool culture and architecture.”

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