Dublin 2018: Ellen Keane’s hometown tips

Take a look around Ireland’s capital city with one of the locals 13 Aug 2018 By IPC

She is the face of the 2018 World Para Swimming Allianz European Championships, which kicks off on Monday (13 August), and she knows the host city inside out.

Dubliner Ellen Keane will be quite busy during the week trying to put her country on the top of the podium but she has plenty of tips for those who want to explore the Irish capital.

Here are some of Keane’s favourite spots and things to do in Dublin.


“We are an island and all the coast is really beautiful. So if you’re lucky enough to come here in a day when it is not raining, you will get to see the real magical beauty that Ireland has.”


“Our parks are a good option. The Phoenix Park is Europe’s largest [public] park and it has a really good zoo there as well. So if you are interested in zoos that would be a good spot.”


“We do very good brunch. All over the city, brunches have become a really big thing in Dublin. There are a lot of good spots. Sophie’s is one of my favourites because it also has a very good view of the city.”

The Storehouse tour

“I know it doesn’t sound like something an athlete should be advertising but the Guinness Storehouse tour is really nice and we’re famous for it. Even if you don’t like the beer, it is a very nice experience. At the end of the tour you can get a really good view of Dublin.”

Leprechaun Museum

“We have leprechauns in Ireland, apparently. The Museum is also a really good place to go.”

Temple Bar

“Again, this is maybe not something that an athlete should advertise. But it is just that if you come to Dublin for the first time you should experience the nightlife. Temple Bar is always a good because of the tourist spots.”

The European Championships will run until Sunday (19 August) at the National Aquatic Centre.

You can buy tickets on the Paralympics Ireland website.