IPC Athletics Conducted Sport Business Planning

From 1 to 3 November, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Athletics group met in Bonn, Germany for a Sport Business Planning session and the Sport Technical Committee (STC) Meeting. 08 Nov 2007 By IPC

Two days were spent on sport business planning in line with the IPC’s Governance and Management Initiative. The groups aim was to connect all parts of the sport and set priorities, objectives and activities to ultimately create a self-sustainable IPC Sport. An IPC Athletics Business Plan Framework was drafted.

The Business Planning session was the first of its kind for the IPC. Other sports will follow after IPC Athletics with a similar process.

The final day provided the newly established Committee an opportunity to meet face-to-face and discuss sport technical operations. The members discussed general business related to the Beijing 2008 Competition Schedule, as well as the points system, the general competition calendar and the classification process.

Dr. Sean Tweedy from the University of Queensland, Australia, also presented an update on the IPC Athletics Classification Research Project.