IPC Powerlifting Discusses 2009

19 Feb 2009 By IPC

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Powerlifting Sport Technical Committee met recently from 13-15 February in Bonn, Germany, with the purpose of discusing various topics and offering recommendations for the year.

The successful weekend in Bonn saw the members of the Technical Committee and the Management Team focus on the new business plan, which ranges from 2009-2014, and discuss the competitions for this year. More specifically, the upcoming 2009 IPC Powerlifting European Championships were centred upon.

The Championships will take place in Bonn from 12-20 December. Currently, the Championships are planned to be strictly for European National Paralympic Committees, however limited non-European invitations may be granted under specific criteria, if feasible.

Timelines were also set for all Regional Championships in 2009, and the bid process for the 2010 IPC Powerlifting World Championships remains in progress. Additionally, the process was discussed of appointing nominees into the currently vacant position of the Technical Committee.

As this is a year full of events for IPC Powerlifting, the Technical Committee looks forward to utilizing the positive input from the weekend that will certainly add to a successful year for the sport.

Powerlifting for athletes with a disability made its first appearance in 1964 at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo as ‘Weightlifting’. Only men with spinal injuries participated with slightly different rules than are used today. Later it changed from ‘Weightlifting’ to ‘Powerlifting’ and now the competition is open to all athletes with cerebral palsy, spinal injuries, amputees (lower limb amputees only) and les autres who meet minimal disability criteria. Women competed in this sport for the first time in Sydney in 2000.