IPC Swimming World Championships
12-18 August

Montreal 2013 - Day six flashquotes

Read what the athletes said when they came off the pool 18 Aug 2013
Benoit Huot at the 2010 IPC Swimming World Championships

Benoit Huot at the 2010 IPC Swimming World Championships


Evening session


Men's 50m butterfly S7


5th position - Jean-Michel Lavalliere (CAN)


"I feel good, I'm satisfied! Me and my coach, we have put most attention on this race. I really can't complain finishing fifth in a world championship race but we will have to work even harder to win more medals in Glasgow!


It's a great chance for us having world championships in our home country. I think my whole family is here and my old swimming club too that makes me really happy!"


Women's 50m butterfly


Gold medallist - Brianna Nelson (CAN)


"I will celebrate this medal probably just by sleeping! Today was just so stressful!"


Women's 100m backstroke S12


Gold medallist - Hannah Russell (GBR)


"It was really amazing, I can't believe it! After yesterday I was a bit disappointed but I just needed to leave that on the side and focus on my backstroke beacuse I knew this was another event in which I can try to do well and set a new personal best and I did it!"


Women's 100m freestyle S8


Gold medallist - Maddison Elliott (AUS)


"It's actually really good to become a world champion for the first time! I'm happy with the time, it's a new personal best. All I wanted to do is a PB and try to keep up with Jessica [Long] and I knew at the 50m mark I had a chance to stay in front of her. So all I did was just try really hard and I'm happy!"


Silver medallist - Jessica Long (USA)


"It was a good race but I had a really bad start! I thought I was disqualified. So that kind of screwed me up in my head. Maddison is an amazing swimmer and it was great racing her! She's adorable, so sweet and she pushes me always to train even harder!"


Men's 100m freestyle S5


Gold medallist - Daniel Dias (BRA)


"That was a very good race but I will try to swim even better at the next championships! Tomorrow in the 50m freestyle I hope to win my 8th medal"


Women's 100m freestyle S5


Bronze medallist - Sarah Louise Rung (NOR)


"I'm not disappointed about coming third but I'm not so pleased with my time. I can do better, my personal best is where the first and the second place were so if I would have swum my best race it would have been a better place but it's my 9th race and I'm satisfied with a bronze! It's been a tough championships, I've done a lot of races and none of them were really my top time but I'm pleased with what I achieved!"


Men's 100m backstroke S10


Silver medallist - Andre Brasil (BRA)


"It's a pleasure swimming against these guys. I know I'm not in shape. I told Zook after the race that it's an amazing swim for him! I respect him a lot!"


Fourth position - Benoit Huot (CAN)


"That's sport you know - it can happen any day. I wish it would have been bronze but it was a good time! It was only 0.1 seconds off my time from London. The guy from Estonia [Kardo Ploomipuu] swam really well and sneaked in the bronze medal! It was a good performance and I'm happy.


I take it one year at the time, hopefully I'll be in Rio but we'll see where we go with it!"


Women's 100m backstroke S10


Sixth position - Aurelie Rivard (CAN)


"I'm a bit disappointed. I know I could have done better. But it's okay - we are late in the week, I'm getting tired so the sixth place is alright for me"


Men's 100m butterfly S9


Bronze medallist - Matthew Cowdrey (AUS)


"I've got to take into account that I haven't done too much work in this distance before so I'm really pleased with that. It was a really good back 50m and obviously Tamas is very very quick. The Italian has definately made some big gains as well. It's fantastic for the classification to have that many boys that close and getting that sort of race - it's really good!"




Monring session


Men's 100m Backstroke S13


Third fastest qualifier - Charles Bouwer (RSA)


"I don't think that I can beat Ihar (Boki) tonight. He's really fast and backstroke is his thing. I'm not in that great shape, I'm studying full time at the moment so I'm starting with the build up for Rio, that's the main thing right now."


Women's 100m freestyle S5


Fourth fastest qualifier - Inbal Pezaro (ISR)


"I want to do my best in the final - better than this morning. A medal would be nice but I'm not expecting it."


Men's 100m backstroke S10


Fifth fastest qualifier - Benoit Huot (CAN)


"I just did a smooth morning session, it felt alright. I think I can go faster tonight! It's my last race here and we will have a good time. I just like to go best time, I know that won't be easy because I did that last summer in London. Hopefully it will be a decent swim."


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