Paralympic Games
24 August - 5 September 2021

NHK releases Paralympic Games broadcast schedule

The channel will live stream the torch relay from 17-24 August and telecast the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. 02 Jul 2021
Tokyo 2020 Stadium
ⒸYuichi Yamazaki/Getty Images

Japan's national public broadcaster NHK has announced daily broadcast schedule for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Along with the build-up shows, there will be daily programme reviews of competition results, live interviews with medal winners, behind-the-scenes stories of the competition.

NHK will also live stream the torch relay from 17-24 August and telecast the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

In a first, a CG character on the NHK channels will provide ‘a sign language commentary’ simultaneous to the competition live streaming at the Paralympics.

This service will be provided approximately at one match a day for wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby.

A ‘commentary and subtitles using robot system’ service is also available that automatically provides additional subtitles and synthesised voice commentary based on real-time data that will be added to swimming, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, sitting volleyball, table tennis, and badminton.

NHK PLUS will simultaneously stream all the competition broadcast on NHK General TV and NHK Educational TV for the Paralympics. Viewers can watch the programmes from anywhere in real time, without ID registration.

Key events that will be telecast are:

  • Tokyo 2020 Paralympics - Special Programme just before the Opening Ceremony
    Schedule: August 24 (Tue) 6:10pm-6:45pm, 7:30pm-7:56pm Live broadcast

Live programme to be broadcast just before the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony. NHK will present the atmosphere from the Japan National Stadium that will feature Japanese and international Para athletes expected to compete successfully at the Games and the Paralympics’ highlights.

  • Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Torch Relay Live Streaming

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Torch Relay will be held in Shizuoka, Chiba, Saitama, and Tokyo for eight days from August 17 to 24.

  • Heartnet TV Paramania
    Schedule: August 23 (Mon) 8:00pm-8:30pm Live broadcast

Paramania will present the appeal of Para athletes and Para sports in the form of a quiz show. On the eve of the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games, this live programme will show the athletes and highlights of the Games.

  • Sarameshi - Special Midsummer 2021
    Schedule: August 17 (Tue) from 7:30pm to 8:43pm

NHK presents the life of people involved with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, such as the unique personalities of Japanese Team managers and the people working behind the scenes for the operation of the Games.

  • Ani x Para Special
    Schedule: August 20 (Fri) 10:00pm-11:13pm
    NHK BS1
    Schedule: August 23 (Mon) 7:00pm-7:50pm, 8:00pm-8:49pm

Twelve episodes of Ani x Para (Animation x Paralympics), which present the appeal of parasports in a 5-minute animation. Many famous and talented cartoonists, animators, screenwriters, musicians have created unique and exciting animations. Some popular anime characters will participate in some programmes!

  • Ani x Para World

Schedule: August 10 to 13, 16 to 20 and 23, 6:10pm-6:30pm

Extensive broadcast of special 15 minute programmes featuring Ani x Para (5 min) programmes and the thoughts behind the creators, around 18 hours just before the start of the Paralympics. NHK will also present the latest news of the popular Para athletes.

  • Para x Doki!
    Schedule: August 10 to 13, 16 to 20 and 23, 6:30pm-6:45pm
    At 6:30 pm, NHK will broadcast a re-edited version of ‘Para x Doki!’, a programme on the Paralympians’ appeal since 2019. Para athletes and non-disabled people play a Parasport for keeps and discover the fun and depth of each sport.

  • 50 Voices - Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Cheering Special
    Schedule: August 18 (Wed) 8:15pm-8:42pm

Interview programme involving 50 people regarding recent social events. Before the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games start, NHK will present the appeal of Para sports through interviews of people enjoying and being supportive of Para sports.