Paralympic Games
7-18 September

RJ Mitte enjoying his first Paralympic experience

The star of US TV series ‘Breaking Bad’ says he can feel “an amazing atmosphere” at Rio 2016. “The world is united here in Rio,” he said. 17 Sep 2016
RJ Mitte
RJ Mitte, the star of US TV series ‘Breaking Bad’
ⒸHernan Goldzycher

RJ Mitte is delighted with his first Paralympic experience while working as a commentator for the British television broadcaster Channel 4.

The US actor, best known for his role as Walter Wight Jr. on the TV series ‘Breaking Bad’, is amazed at what the Para athletes can do and highlights the importance of the Paralympic Games for changing perceptions.

“It is my first time working at a Paralympic Games and I just love it,” the 24-year-old said.

“I feel so honoured to have this opportunity to work and learn from these amazing broadcasters and reporters who have such a big impact and a voice around the world. It is a pleasure.”

RJ Mitte is working as a commentator, although as he says “my position is whatever Channel 4 asks me to do”.

The actor especially liked the spectacular Opening Ceremony on 7 September, which he described as “beautifully simplistic”.

“And that is what you need, not something complicated. It captured Rio and the whole city’s vibe,” he said.

“The world is united here in Rio, with all the teams coming together as one on a common ground. That creates an amazing atmosphere.”

RJ Mitte says he enjoys playing sports, but “nowhere near” the level of the athletes he has seen perform at Rio.

“These athletes do not just want to win, but they need to win,” he said. “For them, for their country and for their families.

“I like wheelchair basketball, swimming, athletics and physical sports such as judo. I love everything, it is so much fun.”

He also believes that the Paralympic Games are fundamental in helping raise awareness and increasing understanding of disability throughout societies.

“They are crucial to change perceptions,” he said.

“They bring the world together and show what these amazing athletes can do, pushing them to the very limits. It is the peak of what we can do physically, mentally and emotionally.

“Competing at the Paralympic Games are people who have been broken down, beaten up and have lost. And this event shows us what we can do, picking ourselves up. We all have this ability inside us to fight and win and try to be the best.

“These are warriors, you can see it on the court, in the pool, on their eyes. It is an amazing opportunity to be here.”