Sochi Focuses on Accessibility Legacy

Deputies from Russia’s State Duma and representatives of leading public organizations recently discussed Russia’s ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, in preparation for the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games. The meeting demonstrates the intensive work being brought into Russia’s national legislation toward further alignment with international standards. 16 Apr 2009 By IPC

Dmitry Chernyshenko said: “The Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games have reinforced Russia’s commitment to social advancement."

The discussion was attended by Sochi 2014 Supervisory Board Member, Paralympian and General Secretary of the Russian Paralympic Committee, Mikhail Terentiev. Mr. Terentiev said that federal laws and the basic provisions of the Russian Constitution should conform to the Convention.

The Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games will help to accelerate social cohesion, give access to winter sports and improve quality of life for the 11 million people in Russia living with a disability. Sports venues in Sochi will also be fully equipped for people with a disability in keeping with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) requirements. Additionally, the region’s transport vehicles, infrastructure, and information provision will be enhanced for residents and visitors with a disability.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, Sochi 2014 President and CEO, said: “The Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games have reinforced Russia’s commitment to social advancement. In preparation for the Games and Sochi’s continued development into a world class tourist destination, we will set new standards for urban planning and development to improve the lives of people with a disability in Sochi and across the nation.”

The IPC Project Review in Moscow from 27-29 April will further explore the staging of Russia’s first ever Paralympic Winter Games.

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