Three reasons why Chris Klebl loves skiing

The Canadian men’s middle distance cross-country sitting Paralympic champion shared his affections for his sport. 24 Feb 2017
Canada's Chris Klebl won the men's middle distance cross-country sitting at Sochi 2014.

Canada's Chris Klebl won the men's middle distance cross-country sitting at Sochi 2014, preventing rival Russian Roman Petushkov from winning his seventh gold medal.

By Tim Norris | For the IPC

If Canada’s Chris Klebl reaches PyeongChang 2018, it will be his fourth Paralympic Winter Games, spanning an incredible 16 years.

He represented the USA at Turin 2006 and Vancouver 2010, before switching to Canada in 2011.

He won gold in the men’s middle distance cross-country sitting at Sochi 2014 before finishing third in the World Cup standings the following season.

But if he is to reach PyeongChang, he will have to do it the hard way. Klebl has been in hospital and has not competed so far this season. While he was not at the World Para Nordic Skiing Championships in Finsterau, Germany, Klebl hopes to return for the PyeongChang 2018 Test Event from 10-15 March.

The Canadian believes he will come back more motivated than ever, something that really came across when asked about his favourite things about skiing.

Being outdoors

“Having been indoors, stationary and surrounded by equipment, noise and distractions for weeks, the thought of being outdoors in silence and hearing the creak of tall pine trees in the wind sounds pretty heavenly! It makes you appreciate every day of training and I can’t wait to start again.”


“Simply being out there and doing the hard work together. That sense of camaraderie is an ongoing motivation and contributing joy.”

The feeling it gives you

“My biggest motivation for skiing is that it makes me feel good. My standard for feeling physically good is very high. I’ve realised over the years that it’s a level of positive feeling that most people don’t experience – but that’s my standard level. By day two or three of not training, I can feel all of that good feeling dissipate and so it’s interesting to crave that and know it’s possible on a regular basis.”

The PyeongChang 2018 Test Event will also act as a World Para Nordic Skiing World Cup.

Live results will be available at World Para Nordic Skiing’s website.