Paralympic Winter Games
12 - 21 March

Vancouver 2010 Launches Art Programme With Aboriginal Focus

The Vancouver 2010 Organizing Committee (VANOC) officially launched the Vancouver Venues’ Aboriginal Art Programme earlier this month. This ambitious programme for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games will provide a platform for Aboriginal artists in Canada to participate in the Games. 28 Jul 2008 By IPC

“This will be an extraordinary way of telling our nation’s story,” Furlong said.

These Canadian artists include those Aborigines of the First Nations. The purpose of the programme is to respect and celebrate the diverse cultures of the Aboriginal people.

John Furlong, VANOC Chief Executive Officer, said that the Aboriginal history, arts and culture are an important part of Canada’s history. The world-class Aboriginal artistic talent showcased by this programme will focus on the cultural spirit of the Vancouver 2010 experience for millions of people worldwide, and will continue to inspire people after the Games are over.

“This programme provides a unique landscape for talented Aboriginal artists to participate in the 2010 Winter Games and an opportunity to showcase to the world the rich artistic tapestry of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples,” Furlong said. “This will be an extraordinary way of telling our nation’s story.”

The Aboriginal Art Programme will be a part of the Olympic and Paralympic venues and will stress Canada and British Columbia’s leadership in respecting the traditional cultural history of its Indigenous peoples. Even though established Canadian Aboriginal artists are participating, the forum for submission is extensive. VANOC is seeking additional Aboriginal artists to visit their website and respond accordingly with their own art proposals. This process is available until 15 August 2008.

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