World Record Set on Final Day of Powerlifting World Championships

02 Aug 2010 By IPC

Siamand Rahman from Iran set a new World record for seniors and juniors in the Men’s +100kg category on the final day of the 2010 International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Powerlifting World Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

With an impressive lift of 285kg on his fourth attempt, the new record was the highlight of the sixth and final day of competition. As the fourth attempt does not count towards the best lift, Iran’s Kazem Rajabi Golojeh came in first place in the Men’s +100kg category with 265kg. Coming in second and third positions were record-breaker Rahman and Iraq’s Faris Al-Ajeeli respectively.

For the Women’s +82.5kg category, Mexico’s Perla Patricia Barcenas Poncede took first with her best lift of 135kg. Following Barcenas Poncede were Australia’s Deahnne Mary McIntyre and Belarus’ Liudmila Hreben. Coming in fourth and fifth place were USA’s Mary Stack and Poland’s Kamilla Rusielewicz respectively.

The 2010 IPC Powerlifting World Championships saw several records broken for both seniors and juniors. On day two of competition, Egypt's Sherief Othman broke his own World record in the Men's up to 56kg by lifting 205kg. China’s Lei Liu broke the World record on the third day in the Men’s 67.5 kg class with a best lift of 222.50 kg. Liu broke the World record for both seniors and juniors.

Souhad Ghazouani (FRA) broke the World record for seniors and took the gold in the Women’s 60kg category on the fourth day with an impressive best lift of 135kg. Ghazouani was followed by Mexico’s Amalia Perez Vazquez and Egypt’s Amal Mahmoud Hanafy Osman respectively.

Several countries saw their athletes take multiple places, representing their country with more than one person. Two athletes from Egypt for example each took first place in their respective events on day five. Hany Abdelhady (EGY) took first in the Men’s 90kg with his best lift of 235kg, and in the Women’s 82.5kg category, Hassan Geehan (EGY) took first with her best lift of 130kg.

Taking place from 25-30 July, Paralympic fans in Kuala Lumpur were able to watch the 2010 IPC Powerlifting World Championships inside the Stadium Titiwangsa. A total of 292 athletes from 49 countries were at the competition. Of those participants, 114 athletes were women. Athletes were also competing to prepare for the London 2012 Paralympic Games, where Powerlifting will be part of the Summer Games programme.

Held just after the World Championships on 31 July, many of those participating in the event were also at the 2010 IPC Powerlifting Sport Forum. The forum was an opportunity for all those involved in the Paralympic Sport to provide feedback and expert information on its future.