Extensive Coverage of Vancouver Paralympics on ParalympicSport.TV

Bonn, Germany - ParalympicSport.TV, the International Paralympic Committee's (IPC) Internet TV channel, will be offering the most comprehensive live coverage ever of the Paralympic Winter Games. 10 Feb 2010 By IPC

ParalympicSport.TV will broadcast from the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games everyday from 12-21 March 2010. All Paralympic sports will be covered in the programming, either live or delayed. This coverage will also be made available as Video on Demand (VOD) after the events on www.ParalympicSport.TV.

For a sneak preview of what will be available on the IPC's Internet TV channel, ParalympicSport.TV has just released its first trailer promoting the coverage of the Vancouver Paralympics. Watch the excitement!

In addition, highlights will be available on YouTube and can be viewed on www.youtube.com/paralympicsporttv. The IPC has recently integrated YouTube video clips onto the official IPC website www.paralympic.org in order to increase the access to Paralympic Sport for fans all around the world. Paralympic fans can now easily inform themselves about the Paralympic Games and the Paralympic Movement, as well as watch Paralympic video clips without any trouble.

The Paralympic Games and the Paralympic Movement have also been fully integrated into Facebook. Users can simply become a fan of ParalympicSport.TV on Facebook and receive daily updates with all the happenings in Vancouver and the daily competition schedule. It is a fantastic way to stay informed throughout the duration of the Winter Games!

For detailed programming of ParalympicSport.TV, please download the following pdf document.

ParalympicSport.TV programme during the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games

For more information on the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games, visit www.vancouver2010.com/paralympic-games