IPC and Sochi 2014 Meet for Fourth Project Review

28 May 2011 By IPC

"We highly value the very good co-operation with our colleagues from Sochi 2014 and the intensive work they invest at all levels."

Representatives from the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) were in Sochi on 26 and 27 May for the fourth Project Review with the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee.

Led by IPC Paralympic Games Senior Manager Thanos Kostopoulos, the IPC delegation received updates on various topics including Barrier Free Environment, Paralympic Awareness and Inclusiveness programmes as well as Accommodation, Marketing, Ticketing, Look of the Games, the Paralympic Sport Programme and Paralympic Test Event calendar.

In addition two venue tours took place, a city venue tour where the IPC representatives had the chance to discover the City of Sochi and an accommodation venue tour where the IPC observed the construction progress of the various accommodation sites.

Sochi 2014 furthermore presented their exciting plans for the 1,000 days to go celebrations set for 11 June with events being staged in Sochi as well as in Moscow.

At the Project Review the IPC discussed with Sochi City Administration the implementation of the Barrier Free Environment programme which will make the Sochi region a showcase model for the Russian Federation.

The IPC also met with Romanets Irina Vasilievna, the Sochi City Deputy Mayor who is the head of the social care department and three heads of Sochi districts (Central, Khosta, Adler), to review the progress and discuss further action.

Two days prior to the Project Review Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Kozak met with the Mayor of Sochi, Anatoly Pakhomov, representatives of the Russian Paralympic Committee and representatives of Sochi 2014 in Sochi to review the level of accessibility of the Sochi International Airport and the city of Sochi.

Thanos Kostopoulos, IPC Paralympic Games Senior Manager, said: “The IPC is inspired with the on-going progress made by the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee and we greatly appreciate their dedication and support to the Paralympic Games preparations.

“We highly value the very good co-operation with our colleagues from Sochi 2014 and the intensive work they invest at all levels.”

For more information on the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games, please visit www.sochi2014.com.