Men's -59 kg - IPC Powerlifting World Championships

The men’s -59kg saw a battle between Great Britain’s world record holder Ali Jawad and Iran’s Hamzeh Mohammadi who, in the first round, bettered Jawad’s record of 185kg by 1kg to take an early lead. Jawad responded in the second round with a world record of his own, achieving 190kg, a weight Mohammadi could not match.

In the third round Jawad, knowing gold was secured, attempted 193kg but was unsuccessful. Mohammadi (186kg) took silver and Nigeria’s Anthony Ulonnam (183kg) finished with bronze.

Iran’s Ahmad Doustdarshahmirzadi won the junior gold (133kg) with Uzbekistani Iksandar Tursunbaev (120kg) in silver.

The 2014 IPC Powerlifting World Championships have featured over 330 athletes from nearly 60 countries and were the first opportunity for athletes to begin qualification for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

The competition also featured the climax to the "Raise the Bar campaign," which has seen powerlifters and team officials take part in education seminars as part of efforts to reduce doping in the sport.

For more information about the 2014 IPC Powerlifting World Championships, please visit the Dubai 2014 microsite:

Athletes:ALG Billel Bouchefra

BRA Bruno Carra

CHI Juan Carlos Garrido

CHN Xuefeng Lu

CHN Quanxi Yang

FIN Juhani Kokko

GBR Ali Jawad

IRI Ahmad Doustdarshahmirzadi

IRI Hamzeh Mohammadi

IRQ Hasan Al-Tameemi

IRQ Hussein Juboori

KEN Samson Okutto Abbayyo

KGZ Razhabali Eshonkulov

MAR Mohamed El Maataoui

NGR Anthony Ulonnam

PHI Agustin Kitan

POL Mariusz Tomczyk

RUS Dmitrii Pliukhaev

SYR Shadi Issa

TUR Kubilay Sahin

UGA Baabu Baabumba

USA Bryce Anthony Segura

USA Scott Danberg

UZB Iskandar Tursunbaev