Paralympic Winter Games
04 - 13 March

IPC President Andrew Parsons' Beijing 2022 Closing Ceremony speech

Full text of Andrew Parsons' Closing Ceremony address 13 Mar 2022
Andrew Parsons is pictured with his arms wide open while speaking during the closing ceremony of Beijing 2022
Andrew Parsons spoke at the Closing Ceremony of Beijing 2022.
ⒸOIS Photos/Bob Martin

Your Excellency, Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China,

President of the Organising Committee, Cai Qi,


Sports fans across the globe,

Tonight, we must close the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games.

After three successive Games in Asia, the Paralympic Movement is bigger and stronger. Our vision for inclusion through Para sport more meaningful and more needed than ever before.
If Beijing 2008 started a new chapter of growth for the Paralympic Movement, then Beijing 2022 has marked a new dawn for the Paralympic Winter Games.

You promised simple, safe and splendid.

You delivered stunning, secure and spectacular. 

Awesome organisation, vibrant venues and sensational sport – the hallmarks of great Games here in Beijing. 

For sure, China has set a benchmark for all future winter Games.

For certain, China is now a Paralympic winter sports powerhouse.

Zhu he Zhong guo ren mim.

Gănxiè nĭ, Zhōngguó

For this, thank you to the Organising Committee, the national and local authorities and most of all the Chinese people. Xiexie.

To the 9,000 volunteers; you have been the heartbeat of these Games.  Your enthusiasm energized and empowered us all.

Zhìyuàn zhě, Fēi cháng GěiLì 

Thank you to the 46 participating National Paralympic Committees, International Federations and technical officials.  Your astonishing efforts made these Games possible.

Thank you to OBS, OIS, the world’s media, and commercial partners, for amplifying the impact of these Games. Your coverage and campaigns will not only help advance the lives of China’s 85 million persons with disabilities, but the 1.2 billion that make up 15% of the world’s population. 

Thank you to Team IPC. Two Games in seven months, a heroic effort.

To the Athletes,

During the darkest of times, your performances shone brightly.

Rather than rely on history, you created it.

On ice and on snow,

You produced moments of magic and moments to savour.

In the face of adversity, you showed strength in diversity.

As Proud Paralympians,

You thrilled, you surprised, you inspired.

You displayed determination, courage and skill.

You showed new levels of resilience and respect, 

You played hard, but you played fair.

You turned your talents into triumphs.

As beacons of hope, and champions for peace, your actions spoke way louder than words.

In the Paralympic Villages there were different nations, different views, different abilities.

Differences here did not divide us. They united us. Together for a shared future.

Through this unity we have hope.

Hopes for inclusion, hopes for harmony, and importantly hopes for peace.

The feeling of hope is part of human experience.

Humankind hopes to live in a world where dialogue prevails.

Our Movement hopes world leaders be inspired by the actions of Proud Paralympians. 

Finally, the time has come for me to declare the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games closed.

I call upon Paralympic athletes all over the world to meet again in Milano and Cortina, Italy, in four years’ time, where once again, you will inspire and excite the world with your sporting excellence. 

Xiexie. Thank you!!! Muito Obrigado!!!