Sweden: 11 facts for the Sochi 2014 Paralympics

• Sweden have participated in all previous Paralympic Winter Games since they started in 1976, Games which the Swedes hosted. 15 Feb 2014
Jalle Jungnell - Sweden Wheelchair Curling Team

Jalle Jungnell of Sweden releases the stone during the Wheelchair Curling Round Robin game between Sweden and Korea at the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games

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• Sweden have won 95 medals at the Paralympic Winter Games, of which 25 gold, 30 silver and 40 bronze.

• At the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games, Sweden will compete in five sports: alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, biathlon, ice sledge hockey and wheelchair curling.

• Wheelchair curling skip Jale Jungnell is One to Watch for Sochi 2014.

• Sweden have not won a gold medal in the last four Winter Paralympics. Their last Paralympic champions in the Winter Games were crowned in 1994.

• Sweden's most successful Winter Paralympic athlete is cross-country skier Birgitta Sund who won six medals, all of them gold.

• Cross-country skiing is Sweden's best sport at the Winter Paralympics. Swedes have won 13 Paralympic gold medals in the sport, another 10 in alpine skiing and one each in biathlon and ice sledge hockey.

• At the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games, Sweden collected two medals, both of them bronze. One came in cross-country skiing and the other in curling.

• Sweden has won an additional 597 medals at the summer Paralympics, 225 of them gold, 212 silver and 160 bronze medals.

• At the London 2012 Summer Paralympics, Sweden took home 12 medals total, four of each denomination.

• You can follow the Swedish Paralympic team on Twitter @handikappidrott or on Facebook.

Swedish athletes competing at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games:

Alpine Skiing

Linnea Ottosson Eide

Wheelchair curling

Jalle Jungnell, Facebook

Kristina Ulander

Glen Ikonen

Patrik Kallin

Zandra Reppe

Ice sledge hockey

Ulf Nilsson, Twitter: @ulfnilsson6

Kenth Jonsson, Twitter: @KenthSkiman

Niklas Ingvarsson, Twitter: @NIngvarsson3

Rasmus Lundgren

Marcus Holm, Twitter: @HolmSpray

Christian Hedberg, Facebook

Per Kasperi, Twitter: @8kasperi

Peter Ojala, Twitter: @Ojala18

Niklas Rakos, Twitter: @NiklasRakos

Stefan Olsson

Gunnar From

Nordic skiing (includes biathlon and cross-country skiing)

Helene Ripa, Facebook

Zebastian Modin, Facebook

Albin Ackerot (guide), Twitter: @AAckerot

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