Kobe 2024: Every defending world champion in the women's events

Forty-six events will see athletes defending their crown at the Para Athletics World Championships from 17 to 25 May at the Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium 13 May 2024
A female athlete running on a track next to her male guide
Cuba's Omara Durand is the current Paralympic and world champion in the 100m, 200m and 400m T12
ⒸMatthias Hangst/Getty Images
By World Para Athletics

The Kobe 2024 Para Athletics World Championships kicks off on Friday (17 May) and will see 46 defending champions in the 75 women's events set to be held in the Japanese city.

Here is the list of current world champions keen to keep their crowns at Kobe 2024. In asterisk * are the current Paralympic and world champions in their events.

You will be able to watch all the action live on the World Para Athletics Facebook page and Paralympics YouTube channel.

Women's events

Women's 100m T11 - Jerusa Geber (Brazil)
Women's 100m T12 – Omara Durand (Cuba)*
Women's 100m T13 – Lamiya Valiyeva (Azerbaijan)
Women's 100m T34 – Hannah Cockroft (Great Britain)*
Women's 100m T35 – Xia Zhou (China)*
Women's 100m T36 - Yiting Shi (China)*

Women's 100m T38 – Darian Jimenez (Colombia) 
Women's 100m T47 - Kiara Rodriguez (Ecuador)
Women's 100m T64 - Fleur Jong (The Netherlands)
Women's 200m T11 - Jerusa Geber (Brazil)
Women's 200m T12 – Omara Durand (Cuba)*
Women's 200m T35 – Xia Zhou (China)*

Women's 200m T36 – Danielle Aitchison (New Zealand)
Women's 200m T47 - Brittni Mason (USA)
Women's 400m T11 - Thalita Simplicio (Brazil)
Women's 400m T12 - Omara Durand (Cuba)*
Women's 400m T13 – Lamiya Valiyeva (Azerbaijan)
Women's 400m T20 – Breanna Clark (USA)*
Women's 400m T47 – Fernanda Yara da Silva (Brazil)
Women's 800m T34 – Hannah Cockroft (Great Britain)*
Women's 1500m T13 – Fatima El Idrissi (Morocco)
Women's 1500m T20 – Barbara Bieganowska-Zajac (Poland)*
Women's Long Jump T11 – Asila Mirzayorova (Uzbekistan)
Women's Long Jump T37 – Xiaoyan Wen (China)*
Women's Long Jump T38 - Luca Ekler (Hungary)*

Women's Long Jump T47 - Kiara Rodriguez (Ecuador)
Women's Long Jump T64 – Fleur Jong (The Netherlands)*
Women's Shot Put F20 – Sabrina Fortune (Great Britain)
Women's Shot Put F33 – Asmahane Boudjadar     (Algeria)*
Women's Shot Put F34 – Lijuan Zou (China)*
Women's Shot Put F41 – Raoua Tlili (Tunisia)*

Women's Shot Put F46 – Noelle Malkamaki (USA)
Women's Shot Put F54 – Elizabeth Rodrigues Gomes (Brazil)
Women's Shot Put F57 – Safia Djelal (Algeria)*
Women's Shot Put F64 – Juan Yao (China)
Women's Discus Throw F11 – Liangmin Zhang (China)*
Women's Discus Throw F38 – Simone Kruger (South Africa)
Women's Discus Throw F41 – Raoua Tlili (Tunisia)*
Women's Discus Throw F53 – Elizabeth Rodrigues Gomes (Brazil)*

Women's Discus Throw F55 – Rosa Maria Guerrero (Mexico)
Women's Discus Throw F57 – Nassima Saifi (Algeria)
Women's Discus Throw F64 – Juan Yao (China)*
Women's Javelin F13 – Yuping Zhao (China)
Women's Javelin F34 – Lijuan Zou (China)*

Women's Javelin F46 – Hollie Arnold (Great Britain)
Women's Javelin F54 – Nurkhon Kurbanova (Uzbekistan)