Kobe 2024: Every defending world champion in the men's events

A total of 64 male athletes will be aiming to top the podium for the second consecutive year, including plenty of Tokyo 2020 Paralympic champions returning to Japan 13 May 2024
A male long jumper with a prosthetic right leg
German long jumper Markus Rehm is one the Paralympic and world champions aiming for more glory at the Kobe 2024 World Championships
ⒸMatthias Hangst/Getty Images
By World Para Athletics

Kobe 2024 will see a total of 64 male athletes defending their world title from Paris last year. 

Here below you can find the complete list of athletes who will be aiming at retaining their crown in Kobe. This year's World Championships will take place from 17 to 25 May at the Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium.

In asterisks * are those who are also Tokyo 2020 Paralympic champions.

Men’s events

Men’s 100m T11 – Nasos Ghavelas (Greece)*
Men’s 100m T12 - Noah Malone (USA)
Men’s 100m T13 – Salum Kashafali (Norway)
Men’s 100m T37 – Ricardo Gomes de Mendonca (Brazil)
Men’s 100m T38 – Jaydin Blackwell (USA)
Men’s 100m T44 – Mpumelelo Mhlongo (South Africa)
Men’s 100m T47 – Petrucio Ferreira (Brazil)*
Men's 100m T52 – Maxime Carabin (Belgium)
Men's 100m T63 – Joel de Jong (The Netherlands)
Men's 200m T37 – Ricardo Gomes de Mendonca (Brazil)
Men's 200m T51 – Roger Habsch    (Belgium)
Men's 400m T11 – Felipe Gomes (Brazil)
Men's 400m T12 – Rouay Jebabli (Tunisia)
Men's 400m T13 – Ryota Fukunaga (Japan)
Men's 400m T20 – Samuel Oliveira (Brazil)
Men's 400m T36 – James Turner (Australia)*
Men's 400m T38 – Jaydin Blackwell (USA)
Men's 400m T47 – Ayoub Sadni (Morocco)
Men's 400m T52 - Maxime Carabin (Belgium)
Men's 400m T54 – Yang Hu (China)
Men's 400m T62 – Johannes Floors (Germany)*
Men's 800m T34 – Walid Ktila (Tunisia)*
Men's 1500m T11 – Yeltsin Jacques (Brazil)*
Men's 1500m T52 – Tomoki Sato (Japan)* 

Men's 1500m T13 - Rouay Jebabli (Tunisia)
Men's 1500m T46 – Hristiyan Stoyanov (Bulgaria) 
Men's 5000m T11 – Kenya Karasawa (Japan)
Men's 5000m T13 – Yassine Ouhdadi El Ataby (Spain)*
Men's High Jump T47 – Roderick Townsend (USA)*

Men's High Jump T63 – Ezra Frech (USA)
Men's High Jump T64 – Maciej Lepiato (Poland)
Men's Long Jump T11 - Dondong    Di (China)*
Men's Long Jump T12 – Doniyor Saliev (Uzbekistan)
Men's Long Jump T13 – Isaac Jean-Paul    (USA)
Men's Long Jump T20 – Latif Romly Abdul (Malaysia)*
Men's Long Jump T36 – Izzat Turgunov (Uzbekistan)
Men's Long Jump T38 – Dening Zhu (China)*
Men's Long Jump T47 – Robiel Yankiel Sol Cervantes (Cuba)*
Men's Long Jump T64 – Markus Rehm (Germany)*

Men's Long Jump T63 – Leon Schaefer (Germany)
Men's Shot Put F11 – Mahdi Olad    (Iran)*
Men's Shot Put F33 – Zakarie Derhem (Morocco)* 
Men's Shot Put F34 - Ahmad Hindi (Jordan)*
Men's Shot Put F35 - Khusniddin    Norbekov (Uzbekistan)* 

Men's Shot Put F36 – Yassine Guenichi (Tunisia)
Men's Shot Put F37 - Ahmed Ben Moslah (Tunisia)
Men's Shot Put F38 - Jose Gregorio Lemos Rivas (Colombia)
Men's Shot Put F40 - Yannis Fischer (Greece)
Men's Shot Put F41 - Bobirjon Omonov (Uzbekistan)*    
Men's Shot Put F46 - Sachin Sarjerao Khilari (India) 
Men's Shot Put F55 - Ruzhdi Ruzhdi (Bulgaria)
Men's Shot Put F57 - Yasin Khosravi (Iran)
Men's Shot Put F63 - Aled Davies (Great Britain)*
Men's Discus Throw F56 – Claudiney Batista dos Santos (Brazil)*

Men's Discus Throw F64 – David Blair (USA)
Men's Javelin F13 – Daniel Pembroke (Great Britain)*
Men's Javelin F34 - Saeid Afrooz (Iran)
Men's Javelin F38 – Jose Gregorio Lemos Rivas  (Colombia)*
Men's Javelin F41 – Pengxiang Sun (China)    
Men's Javelin F46 – Ajeet Singh (India)
Men's Javelin F54 – Manolis Stefanoudakis (Greece)
Men's Javelin F57 – Muhammet Khalvandi (Turkey)    
Men's Javelin F64 – Sumit Antil (India)*
Men's Club Throw F51 – Filip Graovac (Serbia)