Paralympic Games
06 - 17 September

Beijing Repair Service Provided by Otto Bock

The Otto Bock HealthCare, worldwide partner of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), is the official repair service provider of the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games for prosthetics and wheelchairs. The contract between Otto Bock and BOCOG safeguards the more than 4,000 athletes expected to compete in September. 16 Apr 2008 By IPC

Normally in elite sports for athletes with a disability, the call often comes to quickly adjust and repair prosthetics, orthotics and wheelchairs during a competition. To depend on the equipment it is essential for the service to always be ready and available.

“We are thrilled BOCOG has puts its trust in us, as this is a fascinating challenge for our company,” Chairperson and CEO of Otto Bock HealthCare, Professor Hans Georg Naeder said.

The company has been working in co-operation with the Summer and Winter Paralympics since 1988 in Seoul, Korea. IPC President Sir Philip Craven was also happy to hear about the contract. “I’m excited to see Otto Bock renew their service for the athletes and I hope they are able to go in and achieve their own set goals.”

What began as a small company 20 years ago has dramatically grown and now has an impressive project in its hands. The multi-cultural team for Beijing includes 86 men and women sent from 30 international subsidiaries. From that, 50 technicians from China are involved that had previously been trained in the specific field. They of course will further their knowledge during the Paralympic Games and as a result obtain additional training qualification.

The majority of the technical equipment will begin its journey to Beijing three months before the Paralympics aboard a ship from Germany. The first technician will then arrive at the end of August. “The main working area will be built and ready one week before the Opening Ceremony,” Director Corporate Communication, Joachim F. Hamacher said.

The service provided by Otto Bock will certainly be an advantage to the athletes from emerging nations, where the resources are limited. The company will have a busy schedule this year, as the Paralympics in Athens in 2004 accounted for a total of 2,200 allocated tasks.

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