Beijing 2008
Paralympic Games
06 - 17 September
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Beijing 2008


Host City Beijing, China
Dates 08 - 17 September 2008
Events 160
Countries 111
Participants 1028 (696 men and 332 women) Show Participants
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Medal Stangings

38 21 18
10 9 7
10 2 4
10 1 8
9 14 5
9 9 3
9 7 8
5 9 7
5 3 1
4 4 7

Events and Medallists

Men's 100 m T11
Men's 100 m T12
Men's 100 m T13
Men's 100 m T35
Men's 100 m T36
Men's 100 m T37
Men's 100 m T38
Men's 100 m T42
Men's 100 m T44
Men's 100 m T46
Men's 100 m T52
Men's 100 m T53
Men's 100 m T54
Men's 200 m T11
Men's 200 m T12
Men's 200 m T13
Men's 200 m T36
Men's 200 m T37
Men's 200 m T38
Men's 200 m T44
Men's 200 m T46
Men's 200 m T52
Men's 200 m T53
Men's 200 m T54
Men's 400 m T11
Men's 400 m T12
Men's 400 m T13
Men's 400 m T36
Men's 400 m T38
Men's 400 m T44
Men's 400 m T46
Men's 400 m T52
Men's 400 m T53
Men's 400 m T54
Men's 800 m T12
Men's 800 m T13
Men's 800 m T36
Men's 800 m T37
Men's 800 m T46
Men's 800 m T52
Men's 800 m T53
Men's 800 m T54
Men's 1500 m T11
Men's 1500 m T13
Men's 1500 m T46
Men's 1500 m T54
Men's 5000 m T11
Men's 5000 m T13
Men's 5000 m T46
Men's 5000 m T54
Men's 10000 m T12
Men's Club Throw F32/51
Men's Discus Throw F11/12
Men's Discus Throw F35/36
Men's Discus Throw F37/38
Men's Discus Throw F42
Men's Discus Throw F44
Men's Discus Throw F32/51
Men's Discus Throw F33/34/52
Men's Discus Throw F53/54
Men's Discus Throw F55/56
Men's Discus Throw F57/58
Men's High Jump F44/46
Men's Javelin F11/12
Men's Javelin F35/36
Men's Javelin F37/38
Men's Javelin F42/44
Men's Javelin F33/34/52
Men's Javelin F53/54
Men's Javelin F55/56
Men's Javelin F57/58
Men's Long Jump F11
Men's Long Jump F12
Men's Long Jump F37/38
Men's Long Jump F42/44
Men's Long Jump F46
Men's Marathon T12
Men's Marathon T46
Men's Marathon T52
Men's Marathon T54
Men's Pentathlon P12
Men's Pentathlon P44
Men's 4x100 m T11-13
Men's 4x100 m T35-38
Men's 4x100 m T42-46
Men's 4x100 m T53/54
Men's 4x400 m T53/54
Men's Shot Put F11/12
Men's Shot Put F32
Men's Shot Put F35/36
Men's Shot Put F37/38
Men's Shot Put F40
Men's Shot Put F42
Men's Shot Put F44
Men's Shot Put F33/34/52
Men's Shot Put F53/54
Men's Shot Put F55/56
Men's Shot Put F57/58
Men's Triple Jump F11
Men's Triple Jump F12
Women's 100 m T11
Women's 100 m T12
Women's 100 m T13
Women's 100 m T36
Women's 100 m T37
Women's 100 m T38
Women's 100 m T42
Women's 100 m T44
Women's 100 m T46
Women's 100 m T52
Women's 100 m T53
Women's 100 m T54
Women's 200 m T11
Women's 200 m T12
Women's 200 m T13
Women's 200 m T36
Women's 200 m T37
Women's 200 m T38
Women's 200 m T44
Women's 200 m T46
Women's 200 m T52
Women's 200 m T53
Women's 200 m T54
Women's 400 m T12
Women's 400 m T13
Women's 400 m T53
Women's 400 m T54
Women's 800 m T12/13
Women's 800 m T53
Women's 800 m T54
Women's 1500 m T13
Women's 1500 m T54
Women's 5000 m T54
Women's Discus Throw F12/13
Women's Discus Throw F35/36
Women's Discus Throw F37/38
Women's Discus Throw F40
Women's Discus Throw F42-46
Women's Discus Throw F32-34/51-53
Women's Discus Throw F54-56
Women's Discus Throw F57/58
Women's Javelin F35-38
Women's Javelin F42-46
Women's Javelin F33/34/52/53
Women's Javelin F54-56
Women's Javelin F57/58
Women's Long Jump F12
Women's Long Jump F13
Women's Long Jump F42
Women's Long Jump F44
Women's Marathon T54
Women's 4x100 m T53/54
Women's Shot Put F12/13
Women's Shot Put F35/36
Women's Shot Put F37/38
Women's Shot Put F40
Women's Shot Put F42-46
Women's Shot Put F32-34/52/53
Women's Shot Put F54-56
Women's Shot Put F57/58