Best Scenes of Ice Sledge Hockey Championships Available on PSTV

Ice Sledge Hockey team captains and flag bearers representing ten countries were honoured last week at the official Opening Ceremony of the 2008 IPC World Championships. 01 Apr 2008 By IPC

The champagne-breaking event took place at the TD Banknorth Garden, Boston’s premier sports and entertainment arena. The ceremony was a prelude to the National Hockey League’s contest between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Approximately 200 athletes with a disability were in attendance from the different countries, including Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway, Poland and USA.

The subsequent matches quickly divided the individual team ranking in the different tournaments, with the A Tournament seeing Norway, USA and Canada all ahead in a 2:0 lead. Italy, Germany and Japan sit at 0:2 and await a further chance to revive their spirits this week.

In the B Tournament, Korea has secured the position as one of the players in the gold medal game for Wednesday, after winning both games against Estonia and the Czech Republic. The two teams of Estonia and the Czech Republic are now tied 1:1, having both lost to Korea.

Player highlights start with Canadian Billy Bridges, who scored three goals in each game against Italy and Germany, bringing him to an impressive six-goal total. Norway’s Rolf Pederson and the US player Taylor Lipsett also followed the triple-goal scoring trend with their teams’ respective games against Japan.

Herve Lord and Greg Westlake from Canada’s team were not far behind Mr. Bridges, each with two goals scored in the same game, giving Canada a strong 11:0 victory over Italy on Saturday. Estonia’s Imre Titsu and the Czech Republic’s Jiri Berger also had double scoring capability in their teams’ games against Poland.

Leading goalkeepers from the two different game days included Steve Cash (USA) stopping seven shots, Valeri Falkenberg (Estonia) with ten, and Roger Johansen (Norway) with 16.

Video highlights from the Opening ceremony as well as all games will soon be available on www.ParalympicSport.TV.

The Ice Sledge Hockey World Championships will continue until 5 April when the final of the A Tournament will be played.

Broadcasters who are interested in footage from the Ice Sledge Hockey World Championships can contact Eva Werthmann, IPC Broadcasting and New Media Co-ordinator at

Two-minute summaries are available from every A Tournament game and the B Tournament final with graphics and English commentary.