Bogota 2018: Gold and record for Perla Barcenas

Mexico tops the podium with Paralympic medallist and Porfirio Arredondo 09 Dec 2018 By World Para Powerlifting

Three-time Paralympic medallist Perla Barcenas set a new Americas record to help Mexico to triple its medal account on day three at the 2018 World Para Powerlifting Americas Open Championships on Saturday (8 December) in Bogota, Colombia.

Former world champion Porfirio Arredondo bagged the other Mexican gold in a day when Turkmenistan (twice), Brazil and Chile – with an Americas record – also topped the podium.

The women’s over 86kg was Saturday’s final event in Bogota and Barcenas saved the best for last. She lifted 140kg in her third attempt to improve her own regional record by 4kg.

Maria Lira Partida made it a Mexican one-two podium clinching silver (100kg). Lithuania’s Karolina Lingyte took bronze (91kg).

In the women’s up to 73kg Maria Antonieta Ortiz bettered three times her 95kg-Americas record established only two months ago at the Asia-Oceania Open Championships in Kitakyushu, Japan.

The Chilean lifted 97kg in her first attempt, 102kg in the second and 106kg in the third. Brazil clinched silver and bronze with Angela Teixeira (88kg) and Amanda de Sousa (88kg) respectively.

Arredondo won the men’s up to 80kg lifting 185kg in his final attempt followed by another one-two Brazilian silver and bronze with Ailton de Souza (176kg) and Andre Luiz Paz (159kg). It was the third Mexican victory in Bogota after Amalia Perez's gold on day two.

Two golds for Turkmenistan

More than 13,000 km away from home, Turkmenistan powerlifters shone bright in Colombia. First, Sergey Meladze won the men’s up to 72kg (180kg) followed by Brazil’s Ezequiel Correa (166kg) and Colombia’s Andres Salazar (165kg).

In the Americas’ podium, the bronze went to Venezuela’s Jackson Blanco (155kg).

Two sets of medals are awarded in each event at the Championships. The top three Americas powerlifters win medals for being the best in their region. As well as that, the top three powerlifters overall also receive gold, silver and bronze.

Mayagozel Ekeyeva clinched the other Turkmenistan gold in the women’s up to 79kg with 112kg.

Chile’s world junior record holder Marion Serrano won the Americas gold and overall silver with 103kg after failing her first two lifts.

Brazil’s Marcia Menezes was the Americas silver and overall bronze medallist (99kg). Brazil’s Elizete Araujo (95kg) took the regional bronze.

The Brazilian gold of the day came with Tatyana Medeiros in the women’s up to 86kg. Catalina Diaz Vilchis (85kg) and Claudia Miranda Orantes (80kg) gave Mexico silver and bronze respectively.

Competition ends on Sunday (9 December) with the the men’s up to 88kg, 97kg, 107kg and over 107kg.

Bogota 2018 is being shown live on World Para Powerlifting’s website and Facebook page.

Live results are available on the Bogota 2018 website.