Paralympic Games
06 - 17 September

Guidelines on the Selection of Torchbearers in Beijing Announced

The Beijing 2008 Organizing Committee (BOCOG) has officially announced their basis for selection of the distinguished torchbearers for the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Torch Relay. There will be a total of 850 people participating in the exciting event. 21 Jul 2008 By IPC

Now having begun, the selection will be mainly through an organized recommendation and a relevant review. The general scope for the torchbearers to be chosen includes among others champions of previous Paralympic Games, representatives of athletes (with a disability or able-bodied), other non-athlete representatives connected to the Movement, and volunteers from the Paralympic Games or Olympic Games.

The official criteria that will be used during the selection process are as follows: be patriotic and dedicated to the Olympic and Paralympic Movement, support the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games and practice Paralympic concepts, be distinguished for remarkable feats in their profession or community, and be distinguished for contributions to the Paralympic cause, or for extraordinary performance at the past Paralympic Games or Olympic Games.

The ratio for torchbearers with a disability should be at least 20%. Those of course who have been torchbearers of the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay will not be selected for the Paralympic Torch Relay.

BOCOG has also said that this selection is expected to find the best qualified torchbearers, showcasing the passion of the whole world towards the Paralympic Movement, and display the good spirit of the Chinese people.