Kitakyushu 2018: Guo Lingling targets continental title

Chinese world champion says good mentality key for success 29 Aug 2018 By IPC

Guo Lingling was thrust into the limelight last year, when she set a new world record on her way to gold at the World Championships in Mexico City.

The 29-year-old lifted 110kg in the women’s up to 45kg to become the latest Chinese powerlifter to add a major international title to her haul.

“The moment of breaking the world record was exciting, and I felt that my previous training had not been wasted, but rewarded,” said Guo, who took up the sport in 2010.

Her remarkable achievement makes her one to watch at September’s Asia-Oceania Open Championships in Kitakyushu, Japan.

Seemingly untouched by the pressure, Guo says her goal is to achieve a “satisfactory result.” In order to reach her goal, she has a clear strategy.

“I will keep training, maintain a good mentality until the game, and pay attention to all the details of the action. I hope I can bring out the best of me at the championships.”

Despite having been a powerlifter for eight years, she only started competing internationally in 2017.

Guo was introduced to the sport by an older athlete, and she took the chance to change her destiny. Now, she is hoping to keep her lifts on a world record level.

“Through realising my dream and my value, I hope to win honour for my country. I will follow my coach’s instructions, maintain a positive attitude, and keep training hard.”

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