IPC Swimming World Championships
12-18 August

Montreal 2013 - Day two flashquotes

Read what the athletes said about "Say No! to Doping" when they came off the water 14 Aug 2013
Benoit Huot and Valerie Grand Maison WADA campaign

Canadian swimmers Benoit Huot and Valerie Grand Maison show their support for the IPC and WADA anti-doping day taking place on 13 August, 2013.

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Men's 50m Freestyle S9


Fastest qualifier - Matthew Cowdrey (AUS)


"Clean sport is more than anything, integrity is the most important thing. We do what we do, we play by the rules. It's a very important thing and it's great that we get to celebrate this today."



Men's 200m Freestyle S5


Fastest qualifier - Daniel Dias (BRA)


"Say no to doping is a very important campaign. I think it's very important for the sport. The sport has to be fair, clean and you have all my support for this."



Men's 100m Butterfly S12


Qualifier for the final - Tucker Dupree (USA)


"This is a good cause, competing at this level clean is a number one thing. It's good that you guys are making awareness, we need to promote it."



Women's 100m Butterfly S12


Fastest qualifier - Hannah Russell (GBR)


"I came here this morning and some volunteers gave us green t-shirts to raise awareness. I really strongly agree with it. All of us competing in such a wide range, I strongly believe that you have to be clean. That is the best for everyone to compete on a fair play level. Just trying to give your absolute best and knowing that it is a hundred percent yourself!"



Women's 100m Breaststroke SB13


Fastest qualifier - Elena Krawzow (GER)


"I think if you decided to be an athlete, you have to be fair to other athletes who are giving their best as well."



Women's 100m Breaststroke SB4


Second fastest qualifier - Sarah Louise Rung (NOR)


"It is very important to have a clean sport. I hope none of the top athletes uses doping to improve their times! We should all do our best and see what happens without doping!"



Men's 200m Individual Medley SM9


Second fastest qualifier - Tamas Sors (HUN)


"Swimming is a fair play game and a clean sport is very important. You have to swim as fast as you can with your own power."



Women's 100m Breaststroke SB6


Winner of Heat 1 - Ellie Simmonds (GBR)


"Fair sport is very important, everyone should be going out there and giving the best that thay can do individually without doping."



Women's 200m Individual Medley SM8


Fastest qualifier - Jessica Long (USA)


"I don't think I could feel well when I won a gold medal knowing that I have cheated. It's a fair game, we all want to play fair, we all want to race fair. So I think it is so important to have a day like this!"



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