Music Monday with Rachel Morrison

A former cello player, Morrison enjoys unwinding to classical music. 18 Jul 2016
Rachel Morrison

Morrison is a massive music fan, and particularly enjoys classical music.

ⒸGetty Images

US thrower Rachael Morrison is the reigning discus F51 world champion. She is also a massive music fan, and particularly enjoys classical music, having played the cello to an impressively high level for 13 years. In fact, she completed a major in cello performance and played internationally.

But due to her impairment, Morrison is now unable to play. She still loves to listen however, so here is Morrison's #MusicMonday:

"Haydn's Concerto in C: For relaxation and general listening I really like classical music. I'm a classically trained cellist so I have that history, that background. This was one of the most difficult pieces that I worked on as a cellist.

"Dvorak (Czech composer 1841-1904) is just amazing.

"Twenty One Pilots is one of the more modern bands that I listen to."


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