Para ice hockey programme to be held in Great Britain

Players from across Great Britain will gather in May for the first ever GB women’s Para ice hockey development camp. 19 Apr 2017
Great Britain - Para ice hockey training camp
By GB Women's Para Ice Hockey Programme

Nottingham, Great Britain, will stage the first ever GB women’s Para ice hockey development camp, from 26-28 May, with female players from across the British Isles attending.

The development camp is open to all women, no matter their skill level. Attendees are not required to have ever been in a sledge before. There will be several sessions over the course of the weekend, both on and off the ice. These will cater for players with little experience, as well as those who are ready to take their skills to the next level.

“There are three national-level women’s Para ice hockey teams already in existence: USA, Canada and a combined-European team,” explained British player Caroline Bonner.

“If any of us are going to make it to the Paralympic Winter Games, we need more teams. There has never been an event like this for women in the UK, so we are thrilled that we have the chance to introduce the sport to new people.”

Alongside the development camp, a one-day coaching event will also be taking place. Designed for anyone – both men and women in this case – who is interested in the coaching side of the sport, it will be run by the current coaches of the Canadian women’s Para ice hockey team.

Derek Whitson, a gold-medal winning Paralympian with the Canadian men’s Para ice hockey team, will be amongst them.

“I am looking forward to coming over to the UK to share what we know,” he said. “We all want to increase participation in Para ice hockey, both for men and women, but that is impossible without good coaching skills.”

Thanks to a Sport England grant, the cost of the women’s development camp is only 40 GBP per person for the whole weekend, although attendees will have to pay their own accommodation and travel costs.

The cost of the coaching event is 30 GBP for a full day, which includes at least 1.5 hours on the ice.

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