Paralympic Games
06 - 17 September

Paralympic Ticketing Starts

More than 820,000 tickets for the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games will go on sale tomorrow. 19 Jun 2008 By IPC

According to Zhu Yan, Director of the Beijing 2008 Organizing Committee (BOCOG) Ticketing Centre, tickets for Paralympic competitions will be for available to the public within the mainland of China with the highest price reaching 80 RMB.

Most Paralympic sport tickets are ‘General Admission Tickets’, with a price varying from 30 RMB to 80 RMB. Sailing tickets will be priced at 50 RMB for full course events and 30 RMB for modified course events. For marathon events, tickets priced at 30 RMB are available for spectators to watch the sprint and performance at the finishing line in the National Stadium. There will be no tickets for Paralympic Road Cycling and spectators can watch the competition along the route free of charge.

The Chinese national public can book tickets via the official ticketing website etween 20 June and 14 September. On Friday, designated Bank of China outlets and venue ticket boxes in Beijing and Qingdao will start printing and selling thermal tickets to the Paralympics.

The tickets feature the Paralympic emblem, sport pictograms, core graphics of "lucky clouds," as well as the Paralympic mascot. Braille content is included on the tickets for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies as well as Goalball and Judo.