Rio 2016 hosts announce athletics Worlds team

Brazil will send 53 athletes to the 2015 IPC Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar, in October. 18 Sep 2015
Petrucio dos Santos Grand Prix 2014

Teenager Petrucio dos Santos won his first races at the 2014 Para-South American Games in Santiago, Chile, in March 2014.

ⒸJonne Roriz/CPB

The Brazilian Paralympic Committee have announced a group of established names and new faces who will compete for honours at the 2015 IPC Athletics World Championships between 21-31 October.

The hosts of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games will send 53 athletes – 39 track and field stars and 14 guides – to fight for world titles at the Suhaim Bin Hamam Athletics Stadium in Doha, Qatar.

Amongst those highlighting the team is eight-time gold medallist Terezinha Guilhermina alongside guide Guilherme Soares de Santana. The pair stormed to the top of the podium three times at the last Worlds in 2013 in the 100m, 200m and 400m T11.

Yohansson Nascimento is also making the journey to Qatar as the defending 200m T46 world champion, and T44 sprinter Alan Oliveira as a triple world champion.

Eighteen-year-old Petrucio Ferreira dos Santos is going for his first world title after setting a new 200m T46/47 world record in June.

Full team list

Alan Fonteles Oliveira (T44)

Alessandro Silva (F11)

Alex Pires Da Silva (T46)

Alice de Oliveira Correa (T12)

Ana Claudia Silva (T42)

Claudiney Batista dos Santos (F57)

Daniel Mendes da Silva (T11)

Diogo da Silva Ualisson Jerome (T12)

Edson Pinheiro (T38)

Elizabeth Gomes (F53)

Felipe Gomes (T11)

Flavio Reitz (T42)

Gustavo Henrique Araújo (T13)

Indayana Couto (T13)

Izabela Campos (F11)

Jerusa Geber Santos (T11)

Jhulia Santos (T11)

Lycurgus Jonas Ferreira (F55)

Jonathan Souza (F41)

José Rodrigues (F54)

Kelly Cristina Peixoto (F41)

Lorena Salvatini Spoladore (T11)

Lucas Prado (T11)

Marivana Oliveira (F35)

Mauro Evaristo de Sousa (F42)

Odair Santos (T11)

Petrucio Ferreira dos Santos (T47)

Raissa Rocha Machado (F56)

Renata Bazone Teixeira (T11)

Ricardo Costa de Oliveira (T11)

Parreira Rodrigo Da Silva (T36)

Shirlene Coelho (F37)

Silvania Costa de Oliveira (T11)

Tascitha Oliveira Cruz (T36)

Terezinha Guilhermina (T11)

Thalita Simplicio Vitoria Da Silva (T11)

Thiago Paulino Santos (F57)

Yeltsin Jacques (T12)

Yohansson Nascimento (T47)


Antonio Carlos dos Santos (Odair Santos)

Diogo Cardoso da Silva (Alice de Oliveira Correa)

Aquinas Birth Eriton (Yeltsin Jacques)

Fabio Dias de Oliveira (Jhulia Santos)

Felipe Veloso da Silva (Thalita Simplicio Vitoria Da Silva)

Fernando Martins Ribeiro Junior (Bazone Renata Teixeira)

Guilherme Soares de Santana (Terezinha Guilhermina)

Heitor de Oliveira Sales (Daniel Mendes da Silva)

Jorge Augusto Pereira (Felipe Gomes)

Justino Barbosa dos Santos (Lucas Prado)

Luiz Henrique Barboza (Jerusa Geber Santos)

Rafael Lazarini (Ricardo Costa de Oliveira)

The 2015 IPC Athletics World Championships will feature around 1,300 athletes from 100 countries. Tickets are now available.