Paralympic Games
06 - 17 September

Samsung's Beijing 2008 Pavilion Open to Athletes, Family and Friends

The [email protected] is the centre of Samsung’s on-site Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic activities. First debuting at the Sydney 2000 Games, the [email protected] Pavilion is an engaging venue offering a relaxing lounge area for athletes and their fans and family members. The Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games are the first time that Samsung will operate its [email protected] during the Paralympics. 11 Jul 2008 By IPC

The Pavilion features the latest in cutting-edge wireless communications technology, while offering a relaxing retreat for athletes, their families and spectators alike. The [email protected] also provides spectacular live entertainment and special appearances by Samsung Athlete Ambassadors, set to be part of the guests’ unforgettable Games experiences.

The [email protected] also embodies the spirit of Beijing’s Green Games concept with its energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly features, which was designed by Prof. Li Dexiang, Director of the Green Architectural Engineering Department at the Architectural Design & Research Institute of China’s prestigious Tsinghua University.

The Pavilion has the shape of a “seedling” - a symbol of nature, vitality, hope and dreams. It is built with environmentally-friendly construction materials, including “Green” elements such as an outdoor plaza covered with artificial grass made from recycled car tires and tree-shaped sculptures and "Green Wish Trees", developed from recycled paper, batteries, bottles and cans. In the Spectator Center, sun pipes will be installed for solar-powered mobile phone chargers.

Samsung is operating an [email protected] Registeration Centre at the International Zone of the Athletes' Village, where athletes can register themselves as well as their family and friends. However, with their Games accreditation, athletes can freely enter [email protected]

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