Singleton: “You thought Beijing was big, but wait until you see Christchurch!”

23 Jan 2011

US sprinter Jerome Singleton has continued to talk up his 100m clash with Oscar Pistorius at the 2011 IPC Athletics World Championships claiming it could be bigger and better than the two’s famous duel at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games.

In Beijing Singleton led for most of the race only to be beaten by Pistorius on the line in a stunning photo finish. Since then the two have developed an intense rivalry, regularly locking horns and the next installment over 100m is due on Wednesday evening at the QEII Stadium, Christchurch.

Following the 200m heats on Sunday, Singleton spoke to, the International Paralympic Committee’s website.

“When the 100m comes, the US are going to try take it,” explained Singleton.

“Oscar’s a fast man and I really appreciate running with him. But the fastest man on no legs is going to have to beat the fastest man on one leg. It’s time to do it.

“I think it’s going to be a very memorable race. You thought Beijing was big, but wait until you see Christchurch!” he added.

Also speaking after his 200m heat, South African Pistorius was full of praise for his US rival and other contenders, including teammate Arnu Fourie and promised an explosive week in the build-up to the race.

“Jerome is phenomenal athlete and I think it’s going to be a phenomenal race,” said Pistorius who holds the Paralympic and World titles at 100m, 200m and 400m.

“I think once the 200m is out of the way we’re going to rip up the big guns and start firing at each other.

“I don’t think the American boys will stick together. They’re all going to go out for their own win. The 100m is an individual event and we’re all going to go for our best.

“Although Jerome and I always banter together, there are a couple of other guys who have got a good chance of finishing in top positions.

“Arnu is a guy who is severely underestimated and there are two or three other athletes who have good times so we’ll see what happens.”

With so many quality athletes set to race against each other on Wednesday night, many are tipping a new World record.

When asked about whether he thought one could be possible, Pistorius agreed that the world best time of 10.91 seconds could be under some real threat.

“I hope so. It could be from any one of us. It’s going to go down!” said Pistorius.

Teammate Arnu Fourie also agreed with his countryman: “There’s five guys who can win this race so there’s going to be some real fast times.”

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