Sledhead Movie on ParalympicSport.TV

A 30 minute version of “Sledhead – the Movie” will be shown on ParalympicSport.TV on 17 January 2009. 16 Jan 2009 By IPC

Produced and directed by Alison Love and David McIlvride, the movie tells the story of the Canadian National Ice Sledge Hockey team and their quest to be the dominant force in this fast-paced game and win the 2008 IPC Ice Sledge Hockey World Championships.

Each player has a different story to tell - inspiring stories that speak about the day-to-day struggles of playing for a national team and what it is like to be someone with a disability living in a world largely designed for the able-bodied person.

The one hour documentary first aired on Canadian TV channel CTV in autumn of 2008. It will also be featured at various film festivals, including the Trail Dance Film Festival from 16-18 January 2009.