Swedish Paralympic Committee announces candidate list for Rio 2016

The list features athletes who could make next year’s Paralympic Games and will be updated as the event gets closer. 15 Apr 2015
The team of Sweden celebrates after winning their Women's Team Goalball Bronze Medal match against Finland at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

The team of Sweden celebrates after winning their Women's Team Goalball Bronze Medal match against Finland at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

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By NPC Sweden

With just over 500 days to go until the Opening Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, the Swedish Paralympic Committee has published its candidate list of athletes.

Last weekend (11-12 April) a Paralympic camp for potential athletes was held in Stockholm, Sweden. A candidate athlete is considered to have a possible chance of making Rio 2016 providing they qualify and meet the Swedish Paralympic Committee’s selection criteria.

One of the prerequisites for being a part of the published list is also having completed a number of elements of the data during the weekend's camp.

The list is fluid and athletes may be added or removed during the build-up to Rio.

Alexander Öhgren, Table tennis

Anders Bäckman, Cycling

Andreas Lilja, Wheelchair basketball

Anita Johnsson, Equestrian

Anna Alenäs, Wheelchair tennis

Anna-Carin Ahlquist, Table tennis

Axel Wernås, Wheelchair basketball

Carl Fritzell, Wheelchair basketball

Carolin Rutberg, Equestrian

Christoffer Hagdahl, Boccia

Claes Bertilsson, Wheelchair rugby

Conrad Hildebrand, Wheelchair rugby

Dan Wallin, Wheelchair tennis

David Lara Levén, Goalball men

Dzenan Ajdinovic, Goalball men

Ellinor Axelsson-Vaughn, Shooting

Emil Andersson, Table tennis

Emma Eriksson, Athletics

Fabian Rignell, Table tennis

Fatmir Seremeti, Goalball men

Gabriella Löf, Equestrian

Glenn Adaszak, Wheelchair rugby

Gunilla Wallengren, Athletics

Henrik Marvig, Cycling

Henrik Rüffel, Cycling

Håkan Gustafsson, Shooting

Håkan Sköld, Shooting

Håkan Törnström, Archery

Ingela Lundbäck, Table tennis

Jeffrey Ige, Athletics

Jesper Persson, Wheelchair basketball

Jesper Svensson, Wheelchair basketball

Jessica Enfot, Cycling

Jimmy Björkstrand, Goalball men

Joackim Norberg, Shooting

Johan Pettersson, Goalball men

Jonathan Johansson, Athletics

Karl Forsman, Swimming

Lars Varnerud, Wheelchair rugby

Leif Mihkelsaar, Shooting

Lina Watz, Swimming

Linus Karlsson, Table tennis

Lisa Ly, Goalball women

Lotta Helsinger, Shooting

Ludvig Nyrén, Swimming

Maja Reichard, Swimming

Malin Gustavsson, Goalball women

Maria Bjurström, Boccia

Maria Wåglund, Goalball women

Marleen Rosenmeier, Table tennis

Martin Häll, Shooting

Mathias Andersson, Archery

Michael Azulay, Table tennis

Mikael Fredriksson, Swimming

Mikael Norlin, Wheelchair rugby

Mikael Persson, Wheelchair rugby

Mikael Widlund, Wheelchair rugby

Mikael Åkerberg, Goalball men

Mohammad Al-Joburi, Athletics

Nicklas Westerberg, Table tennis

Nicolina Pernheim, Judo

Niklas Almers, Athletics

Nils Posse, Goalball men

Olle Svensson, Wheelchair basketball

Patrik Nylander , Wheelchair basketball

Per Jonsson, Athletics

Pernilla Lindberg, Swimming

Peter Malmberg, Cycling

Peter Vikström, Wheelchair tennis

Peter Weichel, Goalball men

Petter Edström, Wheelchair tennis

Philip Jönsson, Shooting

Pierre Claesson, Archery

Rebekah Krebs, Goalball women

Rickard Lindqvist, Wheelchair rugby

Rickard Löfgren, Wheelchair rugby

Rickard Nilsson, Cycling

Robert Larsson, Archery

Roger Lindberg , Wheelchair rugby

Sandra Karlsson, Equestrian

Sanna Klindt, Wheelchair tennis

Sebastian Forsén, Wheelchair basketball

Sebastian Högrell, Boccia

Sofia Möller, Goalball women

Sofia Naesström, Goalball women

Stefan Gahne, Goalball men

Stephanie Ydström, Athletics

Thomas Eriksson, Wheelchair rugby

Tobias Andersson, Table tennis

Tobias Jonsson, Athletics

Tobias Sandberg, Wheelchair rugby

Tomas Hjert, Wheelchair rugby

Victor Sjöqvist, Table tennis

Viktoria Andersson, Goalball women

Viktoria Karlsson, Athletics

Zandra Reppe, Archery