Swimming Competition Programme Working Group formed

An advisory group of 12 experts will work to develop and optimise the competition programme for World Championships and Paralympic Games. 11 Nov 2015
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An IPC Swimming Competition Programme Working Group has been established as an advisory group to the sport’s Technical Committee and management team, focusing on World Championships and Paralympic Games.

The group has been formed to evaluate and develop major competition programmes beyond 2016. This includes the qualification pathway, event selection policy, determining the minimum qualification standards and daily competition schedule for the 2017 and 2019 World Championships and Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

The group will gather views from the para-swimming community and work to suggest transparent criteria for identifying which events should be on the competition programme.

There are 12 members from around the world with a variety of expertise in high performance swimming, classification and coaching.

They will be led and co-ordinated by Andre Cats, the Head of Competition on the IPC Swimming Sport Technical Committee.

The group will work to bring together draft plans which they will present to the IPC Swimming community for feedback. Following this the STC and management team will finalise the event selection process and competition programme, which be presented to the IPC Governing Board in early 2017.