Training Tuesday with US sprinter Jarryd Wallace

The former 100m T44 world record holder is hoping his training programme leads him to gold this September in Rio. 21 Jun 2016
US sprinter Jarryd Wallace wins the men's 200m T44 World Championships race.

Jarryd Wallace of USA wins in the men's 200m T44 final during day two of the IPC Athletics World Championships on July 21, 2013 in Lyon, France.


US sprinter Jarryd Wallace has been in fine form already this season – the 26-year-old former world record holder is currently the top ranked 100m T44 Para athlete in the world this year having clocked 10.78 at the US Grand Prix in May.

Here he talks us through a typical day as he prepares to go for gold at the Rio Games in September.


My alarm goes off around 07:30 and I normally take my pup out to go to bathroom then go back and get in bed for another hour – and she’ll probably jump back in with me!

I try to sleep about nine hours a night if I can, just to allow me to recover properly and get ready for the next day of training.

Then I go downstairs and make breakfast and get my protein shake ready for my mid-training snack – which is two cups of oatmeal and an almond butter sandwich.

Breakfast is normally a bowl of cereal, like frosted mini-wheats – two cups of that. Sometimes I’ll do a cup of coffee, sometimes I’ll make a waffle with some almond butter on it – it depends how I feel.

I train from 10:30 until 14:30 – on the track from 10:30 until noon, then in the weights room from 12:30 until 14:30.

Every day is a different day – we do progressive track during the week, so we start at the start and end at the finish - that means at the beginning of the week we are working more on the front half of the race. By the end of the week we are working on the tail end of the race.

In the weight room it’s a variety of different things, like Olympic movements. I’ve worked with my gym coach for seven years so we know what works and we know what we need to do. I have a lot of fun in there with him.

Then I go home and take the dog for a walk – we go about a mile or two, so it’s kind of my cool down. Then I'll make a pretty large, late lunch at around 15:00 or 16:00 and relax and lay on the couch –sometimes take a nap, or play some music.

After that I’ll cook dinner, and pretty much get to bed around 21:00 or 21:30 and read for an hour or so. I’m reading a couple of different books right now – I’m reading a lot of mental books that just kind of focus on mental preparation and basically prep for Rio – a lot of visualisation.

I get my nine hours each night pretty easily – I love it, sleep’s my thing.


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