Two more Rio 2016 Games venues unveiled in Deodoro Olympic Park

Venue for football 7-a-side inaugurated alongside arena that will stage wheelchair fencing. 03 Mar 2016
Two wheelchair fencers cross swords in empty arena, some people watching from behind

The Deodoro Stadium and the Youth Arena were presented by Rio City Government in Deodoro Olympic Park, the second largest venue cluster.

ⒸEOM/Renato Sette Camara
By Rio 2016

The pride of Brazilian rugby players and wheelchair fencers was plain to see as the venues for their sports at the Rio 2016 Games were unveiled on Wednesday (2 March). The Deodoro Stadium and the Youth Arena were presented by Rio City Government in Deodoro Olympic Park, the second largest venue cluster.

When they host the rugby and modern pentathlon test events later this month, the Deodoro Stadium and Youth Arena will become the second and fourth of eight new venues to be inaugurated this year (the golf course will host its test event in between).

“It’s a dream come true,” said Robledo Veiga of the Brazilian men’s rugby team as he tested the turf at the Deodoro Stadium, alongside women’s players from the local Niteroi Rugby Club. The venue will also host the horse riding and combined running and shooting sections of the modern pentathlon competition during the Olympic Games, as well as football 7-a-side during the Paralympic Games.

Deodoro Stadium, which will have 15,000 temporary seats installed for the Games, sits alongside the Youth Arena and Deodoro Aquatics Centre, meaning that all five parts of the modern pentathlon competition will happen within easy walking distance for spectators.

At the Youth Arena, which will have 3,000 temporary and 2,000 permanent seats, Mônica Santos was delighted to see the venue that will host her sport, wheelchair fencing. Before the Paralympic Games, the arena will stage women’s group phase basketball matches and the fencing section of modern pentathlon.

“It’s important to be here and see that everything is up to international standards,” said Santos, adding that foreign competitors often asked her what the venues would be like.

Among the dignitaries in attendance was Rio 2016 Chief Executive Officer Sidney Levy, who said: “The Organising Committee is on top of everything. We’re on time, on budget and are setting an example for Brazilian society of serious, professional work. This is part of the legacy that we are leaving: not only the stadiums, but also the attitude and professionalism that we will show until the end.”

The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games will take place from 7-18 September, attracting 4,350 athletes from 176 countries competing for 528 medals in 22 sports.

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