Paralympic Games
06 - 17 September

Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award in Beijing

One male and one female who best exemplify the spirit of the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games will receive the ‘Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award’. The Prize is for Paralympians that not only achieve sporting excellence, but also exceptionally inspire and excite the world. The winners of the Prize will each receive a medal made out of 75 grams pure gold at the Closing Ceremony on 17 September. 12 Sep 2008 By IPC

Since the 1988 Paralympic Summer Games in Seoul, Korea, and every Games thereafter, this Award has been a great contribution to enhance the spirit of persons with a disability and the world.

The ‘Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award’ is named after Korean Dr. Whang Youn Dai, who was stricken with polio at the age of three. She overcame her disability with her strong will and determination. She contributed her life for the development of Paralympic Sport in Korea and around the world. At the 1988 Paralympic Summer Games in Seoul, Korea, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) recognized her life-long contributions to the Paralympic Movement and established the ‘Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award’ (formerly ‘Whang Youn Dai Overcome Prize). Since then, this award was presented at every Paralympic Games to one male and one female who best exemplifies the spirit of the Games and inspires and excites the world.

The Chefs de Mission of all participating countries can nominate two deserving athletes, a male and a female, for this award regardless of the outcome of their performances at the Games.

After all nominations are received, a selection committee will choose six finalists (three female and three male) who will then move into the second round of the selection process. Two winners will be selected from the top six and the winners will be announced at the Closing Ceremony, each receiving a pure gold medal weighing 75 grams.

The winners will be announced during a press conference at the MPC between 14:00 to 14:30 on 16 September 2008. This prize will be presented to the final two winners at the Closing Ceremony by Dr. Whang Youn Dai and iPC Vice-President, Mr. Miguel Sagarra.

For further information, please contact Dr. Justin Jeon at +86-13911692490.