IPC Media Contacts in Beijing

The following members of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Management Team will be onsite in Beijing to assist with any media and communication related activities: 26 Aug 2008 By IPC

Steffi Klein, IPC Media and Communication Senior Manager

Telephone: +86-13911660500 (from 28 August)

Carolin Jansen, IPC Marketing and Communication Assistant

Telephone: +86-13911658995 (from 28 August)

Eva Werthmann, IPC New Media and Broadcasting Co-ordinator

Telephone: +86-13911659783 (from 1 September)

Jeff Wolfshohl, IPC Editorial Services Co-ordinator

For the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, the Main Press Centre (MPC) will be located close to the Main Stadium and the Olympic Green. The IPC will have an office located there.

Main Press Centre

IPC Press Office, MPC (Main Press Centre)

No. 8, Bei Chen Xi Road

Chaoyang District

Beijing, 100105, P.R. CHINA

For all e-mail communication, please write to ipc.media@paralympic.org.